"My pending files" on Defense+: What is its purpose and how to manage it? [Merged Threads]

I read through the help file but wasnt able to understand what does “my pending files” effects
also i wasnt able to put executables with strange names such as avast.setup to the “my own safe files” list.

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Probably only .exe files. They are the most risky files.

How it affects them it terms of alerts and blocking (:TNG)

after it sends the files it will keep resending instead of flagging them and automatically adding them to the safe list. this can be annoying. i guess you have to manually do it.
the whole thing can be confusing

I now have some 1750 files in the “My Pending Files” section. I have sent them to Comodo for analysis but what do I do with them now. Is it safe to delete them and how do I do this. When I go to add them to my safe files I get the message that some of them already are on my safe list.

Could someone be so kind to explain to me how I should react with this. It seems to be something like the HIPS on Comodo AV.

My understanding is that files that appear in my pending files, are files that have been newly created, modified or deleted since the time that CFP was installed. If a new file belongs to CFP’s safelist , it will not show up in my pending files. Only files that are unknown are put there so the user can review them and decide what needs to be done. The same holds true for modified files. Some files may have been deleted for some reason and these will also show up here so you are aware that they have been deleted. Use the purge button to clean the list of deleted files after reviewing. You can thin out the list even more by either moving the files to quarantine, your own safelist, or simply removing the file from the list in which case it will also be considered safe (in Clean PC mode only). You can also add files to my pending files if you do not want them to be considered safe.

Did you try RTFM? ;D


Thanks for the reply Adric. I was dubious about removing them in case I deleted them from my PC. Your answer clarified things and now I have an empty folder after first purging and then removing the remainder.

I have 194 files “waiting for review” in My Pending Files" - most are system restore volume modifications. One is the Comodo Firewall download file.

I don’t know how to handle these entries.

These actions are confusing as to their outcome.

I don’t want to delete files from my computer that I may need !

Additionally - since my AV program AntiVir’s engine contains search support for trojans and malware, I am inclined to remove BOClean from my system. No need to tax resources on redundant services.

First I would select all the files in the list and select purge. Tell the firewall to remove any files it then lists. Next select all remaining files snd click ‘Lookup’. For any that CPF lists as safe allow it to add them to safelist. For any remaining files try and work out if they are likely to be safe and for any you are sure of move them to your own safelist.

Next, any you are unsure of you can select to submit and then leave in the pending list - when you do a lookup at a later date they may well have been added to Comodo safelist. If you remove them from the list and the firewall does not recognize them later it will put them back in the pending list.
Removing files from the pending list will not remove the files from your computer, it merely clears them from the list.


IIRC it wasn’t possible to select multiple files in that dialog and say they are trusted. That was annoying.

I just found 94 files in Pending, 93 of them being Steam related so I wanted to add to the save list. When I tried however Comodo said they were already in the save list. Odd thing is … when I look into My Own Save files they are not there???

Hi friends, :slight_smile:

I don’t understood very well what is the purpose, or how to manage the “my pending files” option/list inside of Defense+.

Since the CPF V3 installation, I can see a great list of files there. Some of it are system files, and also files of Comodo Softwares are present in this list, like for example some files of Comodo BOClean. I also see that the list is increased each day.

So, what have I to do with this? How to manage it?

Regards. :■■■■

If you tick the select all in the upper left corner and then click lookup it will show the safe files and give the option to remove the safe files from the list, then click submit to send the unknown files to Comodo they stay on the list for now unless you purge them.

Please select all then click the Purge button first then do what TLD suggested.
This gets rid of entries for files that are not on your system.

Thank you very much.

After the sending of files to Comodo, will they disappear automatically from the list, or will they be marked as “safe” of “unsafe”?

No they will not disappear they will still be marked unknown just select all and remove them.
Unless you know they are safe then you can move them to your safe list.

Hello Dennis,

I choose to submit the unknow files to Comodo. So, how are this process? After the upload and verification by Comodo, will the files be marked as “safe” of “unsafe”?

Or can I simply remove the unknow files?


The files you have submit to Comodo will be checked by them and added to there list of safe files (Whitelist I think) when you receive your next update of CPF3 from Comodo this new list will be included I think this is how it works (One of the moderators can correct this if I am wrong).

Simply remove the unknown files

Just one simply (and newbie ;D ) doubt: removing files from the list will remove it “only” from the list, and not from the machine. Is this correct? :slight_smile:

Do not worry somebody has already ask that, NO it cannot remove files from your machine only from it’s list.