My Pending Files not clearing(

No matter how many times I tell it to remove those files off the list it won’t! About 200 of them, whenever I do something that adds to pending files they just pop right back up even if I moved them to Safe Files or deleted! Rhey show up as “new” but they never really change. Additionally I am sometimes not asked wether or not I allow applications to connect to the internet or even d+ messages.

Help please.

UPDATE! I did a clean reinstall of the firewall and thought the problem was solved. However, it came back as soon as I launched AIM+. Is there any way to just DISABLE PENDING FILES??? It’s annoying as hell and I have NO use for it!

I agree with you Searinox. I want to disable the pending files too. :frowning: I hope the COMODO developers read this and add a disable option in the next release…

the pending file list is a major component of Def+ in CFP 3.0, if you’d rather not use it, you should just as well disable Def+ completely, and this is possible. If files you removed from the list come back, it just means they have been modified (even with the same names),and are either suspicious or not assumed safe (especially in clean PC mode), it normally can’t be the same files exactly coming back, especially when moved to your own protected files.
Now if the pending file list is buggy with some programs, that’s another story. But I haven’t experienced this at all.
The only small bug I’ve found is if, after an online lookup, you click ok to submit, then even those files found safe are submitted. Minor annoyance, as you can click no, which will be followed by a dialog box telling you that the safe files are moved to the local safe database list, and then you can manually submit the rest, the unknown files.

I assure you they are NOT being modified. They appear on the list even after they’ve been deleted. Purge can clear them, however, whenever ANYTHING adds to the pending list it just re-lists all the files that were on there PLUS the new ones, and it just keeps stacking up. And disable D+ just to get rid of pending files? No thank you. D+ is too important. Also, adding them to the safe list solves nothing, as I’ve stated in my post previously. It’s a bug, I can assure you. If I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t be posting.

Pending list is an important part of V3 protection expecially if you use installation mode a lot. If you are bothered by pending file just ignore it.

[ at ] Searinox: To fix this strange issue search for PendingList.txt in \Documents and Settings\All Users\ and delete it. It this work please report back an mark thios topic as changing the title to describe this issue better and appending [workaround]

I’m running Windows Vista, there is no All Users. I have both hidden and system files set to show and searched c:\users for it. No luck. The files were eventually located in ProgramData. Strange enough, pendinglist.txt is EMPTY, so where do these things keep coming back from??? Deleted them just to be sure. I then copied a random .exe from one place to another. The pending files list jumped from 0 to 437 files again, including those that have ever been pending since computer startup. As important a component as it may be there should be an option to disable it. I checked the pending list again, and it contained the 437 files. After clearing them they went away but I know they’ll be back again and again everytime some event adds files to the pending list. I then tried to change pendinglist.txt’s attributes to “read only”. On the next pending event, the CFP UI froze and remained stuck until I removed the attribute from the file, so making the list remain perpetually empty is a no-go… either way whatever is wrong at least we’ve determined that the problem isn’t with pendinglist.txt not getting cleared properly. Where else are all those pending files stored?

Then deleting that file from safemode could yeld different results. AFAIK there is no other list.

So then what do I do next?

Provide updated specs and a topic title edit would help to gather more users with this issue. You can look at the sticiked topics to help with bugreports.

Tried safe mode. Again no result. Windows Vista Business 32-bit all updates, Symantec AntiVirus v11(SEP).

does those files belong to System restore hidden directory?
Do you have any backup or drive imaging utility?
what files are these. Maybe SEP realtime antivirus is conflictingg with cfp.
Can you disable that?

Big-O Software AIM+ cannot be found on their homepage (site down)

AIM+ is NOT fully compatible with AIM 5.x.

Does this issue stop if AIM+ is uninstalled?

Only a few files belong to windows’ SR but none of this has ever been an issue since the new firewall build. I’ve been using AIM+ with AIM 5.9 for an year now and haven’t had one problem. I haven’t tried uninstalling AIM+.

However, I must report a most peculiar incident it caused me waaay back in the beginning. It would make my network and sound icons in the tray look like they’re dead. Sound eventually died, my rating in system properties stopped appearing and an attempt to repair by reinstalling windows over the current version it would freeze at 56%. Only System Restore could revert the damage. I fixed this by using an older version of AIM 5.x but honestly, that bug was the biggest system killer I ever faced, far worse than any virus or spyware I ever had LOL.

I have my config exported here. Could anyone tell me if there’s something wrong with it?

[attachment deleted by admin]

…was my config attachment of any use?