'My pending files' how to use

I am a new user of Comodo, hence apologies for the basic questions

Please explain how ‘the my pending files’ folder operates

Are files that are shown in there still functioning or they ‘held’ awaiting review

Also if a file in ‘the my pending files’ is considered ok; do I then move it to ‘my own safe files’?

I am in PC Clean Mode and the Sand box is swithed off

Please advise

Thanks for your help

The files that are in My Pending Files are not trusted by Comodo because it is not known With the sandbox enabled sandboxed files will also show up in My Pending Files. When files are to be found safe they will be removed from the My Pending Files.

When you find programs as listed in the My Pending Files which you know are safe and you trust its download source you can move them to My Own Safe Files.

Before moving the files to My Own Safe Files you can also choose to submit these files to Comodo so they can investigate them and add to the safe list when applicable.

Thanks for the quick response