My PC won't re-start after running CSC the first time

Hello gang;
My Pc keeps “spinning its wheels” after installing and running ComodoSystemCleaner for the first time. it will not pass the WindowsXP Logo at boot up after the automatic restart. I also tried to do a safe boot and it won’t pass the same point. The blue progress bar below the windows logo is active and moving but the boot up will not continue. Does anyone knows what to do in this case? I hit the wall here folks. By the way,my PC was working fine before I run this program, I only wanted a “tune up”.

This has happened with CSC in the past where I was forced to restore the whole drive which took 4 days to do; and I am upset for even trying this program again!
Please help folks!!
Mario E

Can you try “Last known good configuration” option?
Did you run the program with its defaults or change anything?

I have never seen CSC break a computer in stock configuration, only if someone has changed settings.

All I did was download the program, install it and run it immediately after install. There were no changes to any settings made.

Thankfully I had a recent mirror back up of my c drive, but it’s taking me 3 days to restore it. Oh well, live and learn folks.


Can you tell us whay version of CSC you used? Also what operation did you performed after install : registry cleanean, privacy clean, wiper.