My PC wants to get in touch with Comodo

Hi guys.

Using Cfw 5. Proactive Security, Safe mode, 3th choice in stealth all my ports to everyone and XP Pro Spk 3_86.

Usually all my “Windows Operative System” connections are blocked automatically, but I got this alert for WOS that my PC wanted to get in touch with Comodo. I did not know it was Comodo at the time so I blocked it.

Sorry I did not copied the alert but it said something about my PC being an ICS Server, and since it is not and I have unclicked that choice in Firewall Alert Setting, it was out of place. I have used Comodo since 3.5 to now Cfw 5 and I have never had this alert before.

Do I keep blocking it or do I allow it and forget about. See Attachments.


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Not sure why you would get an alert about being and ICS server. May be your Windows is set as ICS server. You can check in the Properties of your network connector whether your computer is set to be ICS server.

Hi EricJH.

I have two connections to Internet. A dial up and a simple LAN set up when installing Windows. The option for ICS server is not ticked for the dial up connection and for the LAN connection, it does not even show.

I have “Alert Settings” set in high. Could it be the reason? but then again, I had CIS 3.14 and CIS 4.1 set the same and I never got and alert like that.


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I think it was this alert;

Windows Operating System is a <Bold>pseudo-process rather than a normal process</Bold> and therefore the Firewall <Bold>could not detect the real process behind this connection request</Bold>. This usually happens when a computer is configured as an <Bold>Internet Connection Server(ICS)</Bold>. Such alerts may also be caused by many other utilities like VPN clients or packet sniffers. If you are not sure what to do, it is recommended to block this request."

The address in this case belongs to the forums server, where you browsing the forums during the alert?
I doubt this is caused by CIS. Can you remove the block and browse the forums again to see if you can reproduce?

Hi Ronny.

Yes, something like that. I removed the block rule. However, I have not seen another alert. I lowered the “Alert Settings” to Medium ( not to show alerts for every Port ), but I will set it back to high again. So is it OK to let it go through? Do I choose “Remember my answer”?

Thank you Ronny.

It looks like a issue with finding the right process that caused the traffic, probably caused by a browser crash in combination with a request to the forums OR a legit ICS request from an other system in the network…

Hi Ronny.

You are probably right. Since I installed CIS 5, I have had many progs crashing, including Cfw. I think I have figured it out by now. Cross my fingers. One thing is sure, I have not had any other alerts like that.

Thank you Eric and Ronny for your feed back.