My pc freezes with lps launcher enabled

I have no idea what caused this problem. In the past this pc was protected with 3 scanners at the same time. AVG, Avast and Mc afee were installed. Someone scanned with Norton and i fount tracees from Tweak now program.
All protectin tools are uninstalled and i clean up witch ccleaner. The registry too with ccleaner.
Just geek buddy is a problem.
I can install it, i can start the chat, but after a reboot the pc freezes with geek buddy and the lps service enabled.

I ran uninstal/cleanup tools van Norton, Mcafee, avast (protection was still enabled) and AVG. Uninstalled Comodo, reinstalled CIS and all works fine for this moment.
Think problem is solved for this one.
It is the first time i saw a PC with 3 virusscanners present at the same time.