My Own Safe Files

Im using Avira together with comodo firewall 3.8. I have put Avira to my own safe files. I have also set Avira to my trusted software vendors. But when I check my pending files there is usually avira dlls and other avira related things there. Why?

Hi dave,

Try going into Defence+/Computer Security Policy—>Find the Avira updater executable(something like X:\ProgramFiles\Avira\update.exe) and double click it.Now give it the pre-defined policy “Installer or Updater”


It doesnt matter what I do. I have set everything related to avira as trusted application in D+. I have triedto set Aviraas a trusted software vendor several times. At first it seems to work but when I check again after a while Avira has suddenly dissapeared from my trusted software vendors. I still get Avira in my pending files. ???

That maybe because when Avira gets updated, several files are modified / updated.

In order to fix this you need to add the modified / updated files to D+, and set COMODO to Clean PC Mode.

Post back the results.