My own safe files

I updated to the new version. And there’s a bug or something. I can’t add files to the safe list. I tried adding the whole Avast folder and it only added a vbs script not all the files like other versions. I tried adding Open Office and it doesn’t add a thing. Suggestions ?


I can’t add any folder to it.

Bump Suggestions anyone? :THNK

If the files where allready on your system D+ treats them as safe if they are on the whitelist.I just tried moving some files and most wont go/allready safe/firefox did?

Hopefully someone can explain it better as “Pending Files” now only works with clean pc mode


I set it to train with safe mode. Tried adding whole Open Office directory and it doesn’t work.

It may sound dumb, but do you have that “Include files from subfolders too” option checked when you add the directory?

Yup. And it used to work with other v3 versions except this one.

I can’t add files to the safe list yet.

Setup doesn’t have the option “basic desense+ settings” Highly needed for a bit more silent hips.

It seems safe database for the firewall part isn’t the same as the defense+ section. As in firewall says it’s learning Avast connects to internet. But when installing Avast updates it says unkown aplication adding files whatever. Safe list should be same for both firewall and defense +. And I repeat I can’t add files to safe list. Why with these last 2 versions?

It’s getting really annoying, I’m thinking about going back to 2.4 or don’t use comodo. Not to mention. I don’t get any help here now. See my other posts. One of them got answered like a month or 2 later.

I hear you. I loved 2.4 but it never remembered things. 3.0 is nothing but a PITA. I went back to ZAAS after numerous Windows update install pop ups. I think they ruined Comodo.

Same here.

They left 2.4 suffering from Alzheimer’s and are now pushing this 3.0 which still appears to be beta; how else would you explain an app that cannot recognize the settings from the previous release.

I am wondering if we will ever see the day that Comodo releases a finished product.

2.4 worked fine for me. But this version wasn’t ready for release yet. That’s why you see updates so soon. They’re like windows service packs. To keep patching holes little by little.

And now that the added "paid"support. They don’t help users here.

You will get help faster if you use a title like “Unable to add to my safe files” so that someone familiar with related issues will read it and help you. And tell us about your configuration and what your problem is, so maybe someone will think they might have a solution and be able to help you. What OS and version of CFP are you using. What are your firewall and D+ modes? I can add files to “My Safe Files” with no problem in Vista Ultimate, both via drag and drop and using the arrows. What type of files are you not able to add? One suggestion would be to reboot to make sure nothing has had a problem if you haven’t done it recently. Firewall and D+ safe files are not the same because not all known safe files are expected/allowed to connect to the internet, and if they try, it is a cause for concern. Avast! consists of a large number of related programs. One of them, avast.setup, is not tagged as an executable and is treated differently. Which avast! programs are you having trouble with? There is no single “avast” that a firewall deals with.

My original topic was this;msg132682#msg132682

I first could add files to the safelist till the last 2 versions released. My tipical configuration was during setup I select basic defense+ settings. Then I changed settings to train with safe mode. But the last version changed my configuration completely. Adding all posible defense+ options. Without asking. I uninstalled and reinstalled waiting to see the “basic defense” settings during setup but it doesn’t appear any more. It’s all or nothing during setup. With the new ver I still can’t add files to safelist. And it asks more questions than ever. I think safe programs like Avast should be added to both firewall and defense+ and no alerts should be shown at all. But firewall learns by itself that Avast is safe. Why Defense+ doesn’t say it’s safe too ? It’s contradictory. So I have 2 issues. People have read my topics. But no help till now.

I’m using XP SP2. Other security apps I have are Avast and Eqsecure. Note that when I update or install Comodo I exit Eqsecure. And i’m using Comodo ver .304

Are you actually uninstalling eqsecure to use CFP3? It is another HIPS program that may cause contention with D+, even limited versions of D+. There were some changes made to D+ integration in the latest versions, but first see if you can get it operating without eqsecure. You currently have version .304 up and running? Try going to miscellaneous/manage my settings/ select and check the rules being used. If using “COMODO-Network Security”, change to “COMODO - Optimum Security” and see if you can add safe files. What is your current D+ configuration? It should be set to training mode if you want to minimize popups. I am set to Paranoid mode and have no problem adding safe files.

This is the configuration I have now.

Not that by default it has all checkmarks enabled.

Oh and I haven’t had any probs with Eqsecure. The alerts of each program are different. And I verified the safe files option again. Turns out I can add certain folders and some not. I think it depends on quantity. If I try to add all Openoffice folder it just ignore it. But I added Eqsecure folder without probs (it doesn’t have many files)

I don’t know if there is a limit to the number of files added at once. Sounds like the function is working, but there seem to be limitations. And OpenOffice would tend to stress things. Are you always adding the lowest level folders, the ones that actually have files instead of containing more folders? If not, try adding openoffice/program and see what it does.


I try adding Soffice.exe and it told me it’s already a safe file

But I check and it’s not on my safelist. Is it refering to it’s own safelist ?

I tried adding Ashampo Burning studio and it added to safelist dlls and exes not everyfile. Is that how it works ?

Yes, that is how it works. Only executables are added to the safe list. See the description under “My Own Safe Files”. Sounds like the latest version is working correctly for you. Comodo also maintains a list of safe files, and if you get the message that it is already a safe file when you try to add it, it is already on Comodo’s list.