my own safe files [Resolved]

cis 477 with latest updates

i never ever manually added any files or marked any files as trusted when defence plus popup generated but but today when i checked there were nearly 20 entries in my own safe files. all the entries were related to dell (i have a dell laptop and recently few times i have accessed dell support, check, etc… but never marked them as trusted. simply clicked allow with remember option) though i know all the dell files are safe, i deleted all the entries. this is the second time i found entries in my own safe files and deleted them (as i said i never ever placed them there in any way) so i want to know if comodo has now started adding entries in my own safe files in any way or is this something strange??


Did they show up in a virus scan? One of the options to deal with false positives is to put them in My Own Safe Files.

thanxx replying. no

ok i got it. actually when you look up online for files in your pending list then the files analysed as safe by comodo master database appears in my own safe files. but previously files analysed as safe by comodo master database didn’t appeared in my own safe files. has comodo started doing this now??

anybody here???

Apparently. I cannot confirm as I always use Proactive Security mode.

Yes … when you make a “lookup”, CIS automatically move safe file in “my own safe files”.
No problem.

thanxx replying buddy. thanxx a lot. so my query is solved and the thread can be closed.


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