My Own Safe Files does not add files correctly

Hello everyone,

I wanted to add PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe to My Own Safe Files so they won’t enter to the Sandbox.
I clicked “add → browse” and chose them both. However, the list show only PnkBstrB.exe.
So I tried to add PnkBstrA.exe alone, but it says that the file is already in the list, which is not.

Pay attention that I added PnkBstrA and then PnkBstrB in the same breath. PnkBstrB was like in the end of the list when asked to add files so CIS took it to the My Own Safe File’s list and not PnkBstrA.

Screenshot added.


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Does someone tried himself? any comment from the mods, devs?

It’s possible that PnkBstrA.exe is already in Comodo’s internal safelist. If you could post a screenshot in which you get an alert for that file it would be very helpful.

That is not a bug. Like chiron said probably pnkbstrb is already marked as safe, I have it on my computer and I never saw an warning from D+ or sandbox, only from the firewall itself so…

Ok, I tried other files and it seem to me right.

About the alerts for pnkbstrb and pnkbstra they were shown at the first reboot of my system after installing CIS 4.1. BTW: I had an alert for mdm.exe (at first reboot also), this is strange, isn’t it?

What’s mdm.exe?

System file, it’s runing since I installed XP (it was also in win 98 SE2).

Location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug

Description: Machine Debug Manager, Microsoft Corporation.

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In fact that is strange. What type of alert did the CIS gave you about mdm.exe, did you remember?

mdm.exe → mdm.exe

tried to run itself. and cold not be recognized. (I think).

the event was not logged, don’t know why.

EDIT: I found in the log that pnkbstrb and pnkbstra tried to change log files in system32 folder and also modify key in HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet???\Services\PnkBstrK so alert was shown.