My Own Safe Files and My Pending Files don't play together (, X86, XP)

When launching (OOo), the following file ends up in the My Pending Files list:

C:\Documents and Settings[User]\Application Data\OpenOffice.org2\user\uno_packages\cache\stamp.sys

I check it, and click Move to → My Own Safe Files.

The stamp.sys file returns to My Pending Files when relaunching OOo, maybe it’s changed by OOo and thus Defense+ picks it up over and over again. Defense+ doesn’t seem to remember that I mark it as safe. The strange thing is, that even though I’ve added stamp.sys to My Own Safe Files directly from My Pending Files, I can’t find it in My Own Safe Files list (the list is empty). But when I manually try do add stamp.sys to My Own Safe Files, it claims that it’s already there. Which is natural, since I put it there from My Pending Files. Then why does it come back to My Pending Files all the time?

It seems like either My Pending Files or My Own Safe Files cannot remember/understand that stamp.sys is safe.

Same as in this post? It concerned an older version, thus I post this bug again.

I did the lookup and noticed that the same files that were "Safe" yesterday are safe today. I also saw files that I moved to My Safe Files as well. It appears as though Defense+ is not cross-referencing The "Certified Files" list and "My Safe Files" Lists before classifying files as pending. Is there something I need to change in configuration or is this a bug?


This bug (or feature?) is still around, I’m not sure if CFP or is actually to blame.


Hmm… isn’t it time for you to upgrade to newest version or bug you described is still present on upgraded 349 version?
Maybe digital signature is attached to that .sys, are you tried to add it to “My trusted software vendors”?
Also it seems that file is in some kind of temp. folder, maybe every time you start that app. file is changed, try to exclude upper folder from checking if you have some unneeded prompts…

Yes, this concerns the latest version, Thanks, I’ll look into your suggestion. At this point I’ve only added the files to “My Own Safe Files”, which isn’t sufficient to keep them from becoming new pending files whenever I launch OOo.