My opinion

Hi everybody,

My opinion about Comodo FireWall Pro v3.0 :

The best free FireWall ever
and outclassing many of the
similar commercial products.

I just upgraded from v2.x

The changes are amazing.

What I like most :

-The predefined FireWall and Security policies.
-The Defense+ Feature
-Facilitated configuration for the newbies
-The new GUI

Great Thanks to the Comodo Staff (R)

Keep going on !!!

Thanks GritNatZ, we really appreciate you taking the time


i only experienced V2 on a pc i repaired (and installed Comodo), i was so impressed by it i had to try the Vista ready V3, overall it impresses me in many ways.

  1. user interface is clean
  2. it passes every test i can toss at it
  3. very low on system resources
    4 excellent support
    thats only 4 pros out of many! (J)