My opinion & wishlist after some browser tests

After a lot of testing with Firefox,Opera,Chrome,Chromium and Comodo Dragon, I found some things that Comodo Dragon is missing compared to other browsers. Also I made a list of features that no browser has but are pretty usefull.

1. Memory usage
I made a test with 25 tabs opened. Each browser had the same tabs. For extensions: I tried to give each browser the same features. So basically: SSL Force extension, adblock plus, autopager, lastpass, history blocker, flash block, tab counter. Userscripts: FFixer,Yousabletubefix, Facebook old chat bar, Redirect remover.
All 3 browser are opened at the moment… current memory statistic (Total):

Comodo Dragon - 933MB
Chrome 13.0.782.112 - 1040 MB - not opened atm but tested while CD was closed
Chromium 15.0.849.0 - 748 MB - it also feels faster than Chrome and CD
ChromePlus 11.0.696.77 - 1313 MB
Firefox 5.0 - 545 MB
Opera 11.50 - 482 MB

I tracked the statistics for ~20 minutes (with minimizing the browser, maximizing, etc)… but results where still pretty much the same.

With 4 GB of RAM and the habit to always browse/work with ~20 tabs opened (I even passed the 90 tabs already :S ), Chrome & Comodo Dragon are using way too much RAM compared to others. Maybe you can do something about that? However, I have to add that when working with 40+ Tabs, Chrome & Comodo Dragon feel way faster than Firefox and Opera.

2. What drives me crazy is, that sometimes when I write something (somehow in this forum it works without problems) and I click at the end of the paragraph, the indicator will jump to the beginning of the line instead of the end. Also when I try to mark the end of a line/paragraph to the beginning and I click like 2 milimeters far away from the last letter, it will again jump to the beginning of the line instead of the end.

3. Spell checker seems to be laggy/buggy. I use English & German and switch between those from time to time. I have to mark the whole text and wait a few seconds before the spell checker starts to mark incorrect words.

4. Add a better “force SSL extension”. I currently use “KB SSL Enforcer” but its far from perfect. HTTPS-Everywhere & HTTPS-Finder are way better (Firefox). And I think its a very high security risk to browse without SSL encryption (sniffing with firesheep,faceniff,cain & able,…). Comodo Dragon should force especially on the security?

5. LastPass like password syncing. I wished the google-sync would also sync passwords to my android browser but it doesn’t. LastPass isn’t free. I would rather trust a Comodo password encryption & syncing than LastPass. Maybe let users automatically upload the encrypted chrome-password-file to their own ftp and when they run CD on some other PC, let them automatically download the file & import it from their own ftp. Maybe add some more features? Add bookmark & history syncing via comodo cloud / own ftp (thats what I prefer btw) as well as the ability to upload all that files (encrypted) but also converted for other browsers (and create a Comodo Syncing extension for other browsers) ? However, I think most important would be a (Android & iOS).

6. Generally I don’t like the out-of-the-box password encrypting. Browsing some “hack forums” will give you thousand of password-stealer.exe files that can easily export saved password from all kind of browsers. And if you want a more “legal” and easier solution google for “chrome/firefox/opera password recovery”. I think those stealers generally work on “standard” password saving. So maybe add something unique for each user and his password.file ?

7. A master password that will be needed to load your last tabs and settings would be nice.

8. In the download-bar, add the download speed. Also let us limit the download speed?

9. More infos about the page-loading progress (how much % are loaded, with which speed am I loading that page,… )

10. The CD forum is kinda inactive? :S I asked a question about portable installation 5 days ago and still don’t have any answer. People could start thinking if the development of that browser is kinda inactive & slow as well.

11. I thought the unique client_id got removed from Chrome with build 4.1 ? So is CD still removing such a thing?

I think thats it :stuck_out_tongue: Overall I like the browser… although some things are missing and the higher RAM usage it still feels faster & safer and adds some things that other browsers are missing :slight_smile: I’m not sure if everything/anything on my list is realizable but still those are wishes I have for Comodo Dragon ;D

Did another memory test today.

Same 20 Tabs loaded in all browsers:

All chromium based browsers had the same addons & the same settings:

AutoPager LastPass KB SSL Enforcer KB SSL Enforcer Button Adblock Plus Flashblock History site blocker Sexy Undo Close Tab VerticalTabs

Firefox addons (yes there are way more addons… so the results are even more impressing as Firefox is the winner):

Adblock Plus Adblock Plus Popup-Addon AutoPager British English Dictionary Deutsches Wörterbuch Download Statusbar DownloadHelper Extended Statusbar FfChrome Flashblock HistoryBlock HTTPS Finder HTTPS-Everywhere Java Console 7.0 LastPass Redirect Remover SkipScreen StartupMaster Status-4-Evar Stylish Tab Counter

Opera addons:

AutoPatchWork Opera Adblock Redirect to HTTPS Tab counter


Firefox 5.0 - [b]320 MB[/b] Opera 11.50 - [b]344 MB[/b] Chromium 15.0.849.0 - [b]680 MB[/b] Google Chrome 13.0.782.112 - [b]690 MB[/b] Comodo Dragon - [b]764 MB[/b] ChromePlus 11.0.696.77 - [b]1198 MB[/b]

Opera had the slowest page loading, also the overall interface and browser behaviour is in my opinion the worst of all.

From all the chromium bases browser I found Chromium to be the fastest. Followed by Comodo Dragon. Chromeplus was deff. the slowest.

I guess I will stay with Firefox for now. However, with changes like mentioned above, Comodo Dragon would deff. be my new choice of browser. It didn’t feel slower than Firefox. Page loading was the same, startup was the same and working with the browser itself while having the 20 Tabs felt even faster & smoother then with Firefox. There are some little annoying bugs in Dragon Comodo (actually in all chromium based browsers) but if those are getting fixed and the memory usage gets a bit lower then I would prefer Comodo Dragon over Firefox already. Plus some new features in Comodo Dragon and its bye bye Firefox :stuck_out_tongue:

Added Comodo Dragon with 676 MB RAM usage

Firefox 5.0 - [b]320 MB[/b] Opera 11.50 - [b]344 MB[/b] Comodo Dragon - [b]676 MB[/b] Chromium 15.0.849.0 -[b] 680 MB[/b] Google Chrome 13.0.782.112 -[b] 690 MB[/b] Comodo Dragon - [b]764 MB[/b] ChromePlus 11.0.696.77 - [b]1198 MB[/b]