My opinion on COMODO Free Firewall.

Just kidding. Comodo firewall is absolute bullcrap and so is Avast.

Use Windows defender on Windows 10 LTSC and ur good. You don’t need AV or firewall. This is cancer.

Glad to hear Comodo Firewall is working so well for you. Another good thing is that you get the benefit of the Comodo cloud av with just the firewall installed.

Oh! Never knew that! Amazing :smiley:

I hope you also know that it allows all outbound traffic by default.
Switch to Proactive configuration in case you want to control it.

Yeah, I know about that. But the one and only thing that annoys me is HIPS. It alerts me A LOT. But I just want a firewall, not HIPS, so yeah, I disabled it. Still good FW!

You could use the Auto-sandbox instead of HIPS, less nag but still more secure than nothing (security depending on level of sandbox though)

Tried it and it is really good though. I hope there is nothing wrong with disabling HIPS and enablind Auto-sandbox. :S

Hello ScarXL,

Did you post which version of Comodo firewall you’re talking about ?
I read a little fast the topic so maybe I didnt see the info.



I like Comodo’s FW and AV, but I don’t like Defense+ (HIPS and Behavior Blocker). I have been installing CIS (contains everything) and disabling the Defense+ features. I just got a new PC, and I would like to avoid installing Defense+. It reduces bloat and improves compatibility with MS updates. Is it true that if I install Comodo Firewall that I get the AV included?

I am confused by the reference to it as the “cloud av”. I prefer to disable Cloud Lookup in CIS. I just want the AV to download a blacklist to my PC.

If HIPS,BB are difficult to use. :cry:
I recommend the APT-Shield. :-TU
The APT-Shield is free and very simple behavior blocker.
Also it’s built for newbies. :slight_smile:

APT-Shield homepage:

ps. I love the Viruscope. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

-------more information: APT-Shile test
FlashPlayer exploit block test: Adobe Shockwave Player 취약점을 이용한 악성코드 감염 사전차단 (바이로봇 APT Shield 2.0 제품) - YouTube
JAVA exploit block test: 윈도우 8 1에서 자바 취약점을 이용한 악성코드 감염 사전차단 (바이로봇 APT Shield 2.0 제품) - YouTube
MS Doc exploit block test: 실제 일본 방위성국방부을 대상으로 워드 문서 취약점을 이용한 악성코드 감염 사전차단 (바이로봇 APT Shield 2.0 제품) - YouTube

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