My only issue with COMODO

Hello COMODO, first of all I want to congratulate your amazing team for creating the best security suit I have ever used and which I have been using for almost 7 years now. But lately I have had a persistent issue that would not go away no matter how hard I tried and that issue is that CIS prevents Nvidia GeForce game drivers from installing. I am not sure what causes this issue or how to fix it, but I am rendered unable to use COMODO for the time being until this issue is fixed :-\

Do you have enhanced protection enabled when installing the drivers? Do you have a desktop nvidia graphics card or a mobile/switchable card for laptops? Which Windows version are you running? When you update the drivers do you uninstall the older one first or do you run the installer without removing the previous installed version?

I’m running all default settings other than adaptive mode (which I enabled) and I had the same issue occur when I tried COMODO cloud antivirus with all default settings. I have a desktop, windows 10 64 bit. The NVIDEA express driver installer automatically uninstalls old drivers before they update.

A possible workaround for this is to disable “source file tracking”. See;msg824248#msg824248 for more information.

still no real fix on this problem? It’s been nearly a year. Everyone with a NVidia GPU is affected. How can we recommend Comodo when the problem is hard to troubleshoot like that.

I have not had this issue ever, but I do disable file source tracking on all systems.

yes, the fix is to disable file source tracking under settings > defense + > sandbox… and to know it comes from comodo…

the first time I saw the problem, I thought it was something due to win10 since it did it from the start (yeah, I have comodo installed for almost 10 years now…)
the problem wasn’t easy to pinpoint since the drivers fails to update. But you can use DDU to remove them and reinstall them.

Now that I know it comes from Comodo, why would I recommend it? The problem isn’t new and it still isn’t fixed.

Hi Syl,
It is up to you what software you recommend, but remember no software is perfect and while it may of been hard to pinpoint the cause the workaround is a simple setting.

I personally expect this to be resolved with the next version of CIS.

Kind regards.