My Online Lookup Results

Hello guys,

Today i decided to check My Own Safe Files list and i saw many items are there. Then i moved them to My Pending Files and submitted them to Comodo. I realized that there is superantispyware.exe which is very popular and trusted software but it is unknown ??? It’s strange. There are also other items which are safe but they still shown as unknown.

Does Comodo Team really analyze the submitted items? Or they don’t receive anything but program says ‘’ File submitted successfully ‘’. Also there are a few old files which are caught by sandbox but they haven’t analyzed yet. In the help file Comodo says the files in the sandbox won’t stay there forever but it looks like they will stay there for months maybe years…

I understand Comodo Team very well that they are working hard because they have to analyze viruses , unknown files and files coming from the users which are like rain. This is really hard job. But by this way i believe Sandbox is not so useful because people have to know what is the result as quick as possible. A sandboxed program does not work well so analyze process must be fast.

I installed CIS to some of my not experienced friends and they had difficulties about the sandboxing and i had to deactivate it. But if the analyze process would be faster i would say them ‘’ Wait for a week, they will analyze them and Sandbox wont ask again. ‘’

That was my feedback and opinions. Thanks for reading this.

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i do agree with you… the files caught by sandbox go to “my pending files” … and stay there. Nothing ever happens…

Has anybody seen one of these files removed from these pending files by comodo ? ??? ??? not me.

I agree, it does take too long to analyze files. However, they’ve mentioned that they’ve got over 6 million new safe files that they are going to release in the cloud soon for the automatic lookup. I believe most of these come from this type of submission, so hopefully what’s happening is it’s just taking them a while to get the hardware in place.

Hopefully. :wink: