my official statement about being rude

Greetings all,

I am writing this message in order to officially admit that lately I was rude when posting PM to one of the members of this society

Some may be quite surprised and find it strange that I’m posting this, since that was just a PM and probably nobody will ever know.

Basically, it means that I don’t feel good about it. That is not in my nature and I never did that previously either by sending e-mails or ■■■ .

I am completely standing behind the essence of what I was trying to convey, at the same time I could refrain from “embellishing” the message with few strong expressions.

Nothing can be changed - “the pen is mightier than the sword” - if that is a correct translation of the similar saying in Russian.

I don’t want to keep it hidden. The message I wrote and my anger that was accumulated due to several strong disagreements for some period of time definitely does not belong to the open forum.
Therefore, sending that as a PM was the only way to keep it personal without polluting the forum by flaming remarks.

At the same time, despite ■■■ are considered a normal way of communication, I don’t want the event being accepted as some kinda intrigue and “back-stabbing”, since the addressee may not want to make it public and raise an Alert…
and I would be sitting here; chatting in a civilized manner; pretending being a “nice guy”…

What’s done is done.

So, if there will be any reason for moderators to suspend me for any other wrong deeds – I am just letting them know that they can take in account the described episode as well

Thanks for your time spent reading the above

Anyway, - not a lot of time left for me here … just until v4 is officially released and the support for the Firewall v3 (the only product I’m using) will stop.

Then I will suspend myself voluntarily.
Not a big loss for anybody and doesn’t mean a thing in a hundred years

My regards

Your ethics are admirable, Siber.

If you do indeed leave when support V3 is canned, it will be our loss. While some of us may or may not always agree with your views or opinions, you do make us think harder when we are attempting to justify our own positions.

Anything that makes us think harder is a good thing.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. If the recipient of your PM is reading this, please take his post for what it is - a genuine apology.

I will be sad to see another valuable forum member leave. :cry:

(So let’s hope v3 stays for a while. :slight_smile: )

yeah let’s hope they keep supporting it :).

Why are you planning on leaving after CIS 3 SiberLynx ?


Because CIS 4+ can potentially become bloated with features (mainly the Sandbox) that he doens’t use. Some of us don’t just want the option to be disabled, but to not be installed at all.

Although suspend != permanent leave :wink:

Well I for one, am looking forward to CIS 4, but each person has their own thoughts. I hope you do not decide to depart by the way, as would be such a shame to lose a active member such as yourself who has been here a long time before me.

COMODO forums are dying slowly, but reliably. :-\

Once I leave it will be complete. :stuck_out_tongue:

Er…they are dying? I have noticed people leaving, but there are always new ones. :slight_smile:

Ahahahahahahahahaha ! New ones ;D Good one “whipes a laughter tear”

Aren’t you a new one? ;D You signed up April 2009. That was…like…yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

True date January 8 2008 :wink:


actually its a true, a lot of people have left here. I am an avid reader since 08, same for wilders. of course you can find “ssj100” everywhere… ;D

The sandbox is becoming a deal breaker. cis is the best, but its got a lot of features one doesn’t want or doesn’t need (eg AV for me) so its becoming bloated in that sense.

I don’t know why, but comodo can never come out with a finished product, its always rushing from one project to another (online scanner anyone. 88) ) CIS v.3.x is a really really awesome product. More development should’ve gone into it and the sandbox should’ve been a separate program altogether… but who am I to argue with the wisdom of the powers that be.

Comodo Secure Media Player is on it’s way. It’s gonna replace your iTunes, Winamp or WMP as COMODO Dragon has replaced your FF, Opera and Chrome ;D


P.S. All songs will be SSL coded. Badass >:-D

And assuredly you won’t like it. :smiley: LOL

Hi Guys,

Thanks for feedbacks, but mainly the initial message was about different matter rather than me or other users leaving :wink:

I had no time yesterday to answer

Basically I was going to send PM instead

The reason was explained in several threads / discussions (hope you can find them) – as a programmer, who was involved in quite (& some extremely) complicated developments I cannot possibly accept the idea of integrated SandBoxing.
All alleged benefits that it may bring can be done having it as a separate Component communicating with any other Components of the Suite. I have no tiniest doubt about that.

As for leaving I will not, I hope – I’ll be watching ;D

and continue using the latest Firewall v3, which is protecting me quite sufficiently.
Sadly I will probably miss some long awaited improvement that may eventually got in there … but those have nothing to do with any SandBoxing (… as it should be)

Other than that – the technology always evolving and many things will definitely change over the time, so we obviously have many chances to meet here for discussions ….

… in a civilized manner without snapping … speaking about and returning to the the “top of this topic”


I was right :).

Fingers crossed you’ll hang around.

Thank you for kind words , panic

Well if we would play with words and with “strict” terminology than “permanent leave” that’s for sure is not what’s in anyone’s plans… rather nobody ever planning that … that even sounds scary :o

So to comment the remark by Soyabeaner

... I was right :). …... Although suspend != permanent leave ;)

You are always right

… but speaking of the “permanent” … how about this pseudo code

If suspend != permanent_leave Then LifeContinue (Enjoy, Be_Happy)
If permanent_leave Then Exit (End_Of_Life)

I am not a religious person at all, but sill I may say - the decision about “permanent leaving” comes from the “above” only ;D


can we spam here?

only if you want to be banned