My new website

Evening all.

Would love to get some feedback from you all on our new website. Anything you guys think needs changing or isnt quite right (or really good) i would really appreciate to hear about and would appreciate some buisness even more. ;D

I would also like to thank eXperience for the useful feedback he has given us so far.

Links in my Sig.


Interesting, but I doubt many people will ship their computers to somewhere in the UK or wherever to get their PC “modded.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed you use Zymic Hosting. In a website-making spree I once had, I tried many different hosts, including Zymic. To bad they didn’t allow PHP scripts to contact outside servers, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks great, MetalShaun.

Ummm … your sig is blank Shaun.

haha. Looks like Ganda removed it because it violates the spam rules apparently. :cry:

but the site is (dude, posting the link here still violates forum policy 88) )

thanks for the feedback. I didn’t make the site personally just wrote alot of the text and i do the case modding and help build the computers. so don’t really know what zymic is like, the Co owner wrote the website and i got the idea to use Zymic from the thread you made a while back ;D. But i the future we will pay to get a better host when we got some money flowing.

Don’t try and put a donate button in your signature either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, Zymic is a good free host. The only downside I had found was, as I said previously, PHP scripts couldn’t contact outside servers. That messed up parts of my Simple Machines Forum and its addons, but I doubt it will affect you.

If you want paid hosting, check this page out. Has some of the best hosts I’ve seen.

Thanks for the link.

You got any tips on site advertising??

Also any of your sites still up and running??


Since the only purpose I had for making websites was to test hosts and scripts, I never really made much content which would drive people to my site. I didn’t make much effort get people to visit my site.

So, I didn’t see much need for advertising. After all, I might get 1 other random explorer per month to see my site, besides myself. That wouldn’t do much.

So I can’t really give much tips an advertising… :-\

But, you can find them all over the place from people who do invest time in it. A simple search for “seo tips” will bring up many results. (In case you don’t know, “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. That is the art of getting your page higher up on the search results.)

Google will give you anything you can express the clearest. :stuck_out_tongue: (How to put ads on your website, how to advertise your website)


As for my sites, this is the one I got the farthest on, of the “traditional” web hosting:

I had made a blog with Weebly too…and posted in it for a while. But…like a lot of my projects…I didn’t have much motivation to continue, and I couldn’t customize it as good as I could with my own site and using FTP, etc.

This one is much better already ;).

  • what about adding Home to the “MODDING SERVICE - PC SHOP - MOD SHOP - Help” people don’t look all that way up for something like that.

  • instead of the sponsored links (that look kinda funny now cause they’re linking to nothing) what about using Google ads in the time being ? If people click on it/open the page (depends) you get revenue from that.

best regards,

Here is an interesting site I found:

May help some.

I did actually think of the home page thing the first time i looked at the new site. And i will check out google ads thanks for that.

I have pointed my mate who made the site to this thread. All your info is really helpfull thanks.

We will have a another modded pc up soon :wink:


Hi all.

Ive changed the style sheet, now the text links under “site” are larger. The padding on “main” changed. Also i have added a much more clearer banner and home link on “main”

Will look into google ads.

See what you think.

First of all, Welcome to the Comodo forums ! :BNC :■■■■ (:WAV)

This is becoming a really good site now. I’ll check it again when it’s more … complete 88).


Looks like you have the same sig MetalShaun used to have before ganda removed it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe…you might want to change it. :smiley:

I have made loads of changes and added lightbox too. Just need to get some decent images.

Here’s some more feedback :

  • “protecting your computer online.” → Step 4 is not in bold. it needs to have the same style as the other steps.
  • are the jokes really necessairy ? It looks a bit unprofessional …
  • “protecting your computer online.” → Use Spy checker to determine if the download has spyware. This can be accessed from the free computer securities pages. → Heh ? Copy-paste ?
  • softwarelist → wouldn’t it be easier to just list Comodo Internet Security instead of all the components separately ?
  • “Home” → content tab (at least I think so) : Protecting your PC Understanding Spyware aint working
  • softwarelist : why not Opera in the browser section ?

as per the sujestions …
“Dangers of Spyware.” → Use anti adware and spyware programs. Examples: Spybot, Search & destroy, Pest Patrol, and Lavasoft’s Adware. → Are you really going to advise those ?
“protecting your computer online.” → Recommendations: AVG free Antivirus → Change that to Avira Free

that’s all for the moment…


thanks for that buddy. Well have a look. James is also updating the layout etc soon.

Well have a PC up tonight on ebay.