My new granddaughter

Say “G’day” to the worlds youngest Comodo fanatic - Scarlett Elizabeth Bishop - born May 31, 2006, 12:37pm Sydney time - first grand child to Margaret and I.

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congratulations to you both, and ‘G’day’ little Comodo fanatic.


Thanks Mike - I thought Scarlett Comodo had quite a ring to it! LOL. Geeze I’m glad my wife doesn’t read geek forums!

ewen :slight_smile:

Excellent News! She looks amazing! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS!

And an even BIGGER WELCOME to our newest Comodo Family Member Scarlett Elizabeth Bishop!



Congartulations again. As it is your first, I know that you won’t spoil her grandpaw. ;D
I myself have 3, and yes, I do spoil them every chance I get. :smiley:


Congrats Ewen, hope Scarlett and mom are doing well. :slight_smile: tim

Congratulations, on your first Grand Child. Hope everything goes wonderfully.