My Network Zones went crazy on new install [RESOLVED]

Hey guys. I done a reformat of my pc last night. I installed a fresh copy of CIS with the firewall portion of it. Next thing I know. I cannot get online. It picked up some crazy numbers for network zone 1 after reboot. I could not get online. I rebooted again and could get on. But, the numbers are different as well. I am on cable internet and using a Linksys router with default settings. I think what happen. My ip was refreshing at the time Comodo was going and it got all confused. Perfect timing huh? I shut the pc down and unplugged my modem and router. Booted things up and I am back to my regular numbers. But, Comodo did not pick it up. An example my ip with default settings using the router is 192.168.100 how can I get Comodo to redetect the proper numbers again? I really do not want to do another reinstall of Comodo since this is a fresh 1.

Network zone 1 reflects the situation where CIS did not see a network connection at all. Windows will give your network adapter an IP address in the 169 range. You can delete this zone from the list without any consequence.

Network zone 2 reflects the situation where there was a LAN connection and an IP address was handed out by your modem in the 192.168 range. Leave this network and rename it if you want to.

Did you have a fixed internal IP address set on your old installation of Windows.

That did the trick. Thanks buddy! (:KWL)