My Network Zones - ISP connection

Hi All,

I have just installed latest version of Comodo CIS (just the firewall) 3.10.102363.531, checked for updates and allowed that to update. I have followed a firewall guide that I found here in the forum…

My situation differs a bit in that I dont have a router, I use a 3G mobile phone which connects to my PC using Nokia PC Suite and usb cable. I connect to my mobile phone providers internet service which uses the usb modem inside my phone. I get allocated a different IP each time I connect to the Internet so Comodo keeps recognising this as a seperate network each time. Is there a way to tell it this is my internet connection rather than keep alerting me to create a new network entry in My Network Zones?

Thanks in advance to any help you can provide.

You can make a zone with just the gateway address of your ISP and use the Stealth Ports Wizard to add it as a trusted zone.

To find the gateway address go to Start → Run → cmd → enter -->enter ipconfig /all → enter → now look up the address of the standard gateway.

Hi Eric

Thanks for your reply, I’m still having some problems with this as my gateway address shows the same IP as the one im allocated upon each connection which differs each time.

Any more ideas please?


As a moderator I can see from what IP you post. I see two different ones in the 149 range. Still I find it odd, that can be because I am not familiar with using a cell phone as modem, the gateway address is the same as the assigned address.

Can you do a ipconfig /all look up on the command prompt? Go to Start → Run → cmd → ipconfig /all → enter → now look up the IPv4 address and Default Gateway address.

Are they the same? When they are not the same post the address of the Default Gateway. When the IP address is in the 10 or 172 or 192.168 range please post it as well.

Hi Eric

Thanks for this advice.

When I do “ipconfig /all” this is what I see, I think those IP’s you see that start 149 relate to DNS servers but to test that this is what I have up on the cmd screen at the moment.

Under the section, PPP adapter Nokia N95 USB Modem;

Connection-specific DNS Suffix: (nothing shown)
Description: WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface
Physical Address: (This is present but left off for purpose of post)
Dhcp Enabled: No
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Servers:
NetBIOS over TCP/IP: Disabled

(Default Gateway same as IP Address, this IP is the one that Comodo adds to My Network Zones as a new Local Area Network entry with an IP address mask entry.)

I don’t see anything termed as IPv4, is that just another term for the IP entry above?

The Default Gateway and IP Address are always the same as each other but these change to a different matching pair each time I reconnect. These seem to always start with 10.

Although I have a network card because I’m not using it due to the phone / usb modem not needing to connect to it, the NIC just shows media state disconnected. Just thought i’d mention that as there are no IP details under the NIC section of ipconfig.

Hope that makes more sense.

PS 149.254.49.xx is what I now see as the poster in the bottom right of this post. This is similar but not the same to ones shown on my previous posts, just the 149.254 seems consistant.

I think I may just be thinking too difficult. Simply disable “Automatically detect new networks” under Settings. Does that work for you?

Hi Eric,

Thanks, that has worked. I can connect to ISP now without the new network dialog popping up. No longer shows an entry for the current ISP connection in the My Network Zones though, I take it that is ok? I’ve deleted the previous connection entries from the My Network Zones now but left the original loopback zone alone, hope that is ok?


That’s fine. You don’t need more than the loopback zone in your case.