my network printer used to be connected

why am i having to uninstall, then reinstall, comodo CIS (free edition) if i want to use my network printer/ scanner/ fax? i never used to have to do that, i want to blame one of these new updates. especially since i can’t find a listing in the program that will allow me to clear the program. beginning of may was the last time i had to do some large batch printing, and i had no problem. now i want to print out a resume here and there, and your program won’t let me connect my computer to my printer. i’ve gotten tired of resetting up my security parameters every time i reinstalled the program, so now i’m just letting the defaults ride. annoying part of that is i remove every folder left behind when i uninstall, and when i reinstall the default settings are blocking my connection to my printer. my lap top has access, but it hasn’t been updated yet. my other desktop has access, but i denied comodo the ability to update because of this computer.

disable block fragmented IP traffic under firewall advanced settings and make sure the network you are connected to is trusted within manage networks task.