My mail certificate didnt install properly


However I got a message telling me that the installation was successful, Outlook 2007 couldn’t find the certificate.

I have yet verified the account address.

My browser is Firefox
My OS is Windows 7

Could someone help me, please, to find where the certificate is ?

Thanks a lot

J. Benoliel Carvalho

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I’m not sure how - because I use Internet Explorer and Thunderbird - but I think you will have to export the certificates from Firefox, then import them into Outlook.


Thank you for trying to help me. I appreciate

In Firefox I made a backup of the certificates from Comodo.

After that in Outlook I import the certificates.

But they continue to not appear.

Thank you anyway

Please have a look here in the FAQ’s there might be a solution there for you.,96

Thanks a lot for your help

Now is working

Best regards.

Good to hear it’s working now :-TU