My Long Awaited CIS 4.1 Win 7 x64 Success Story

I had installed CIS 4.1 on my Win Vista x32 computer on 2 different occasions and each time I experienced a number of program incompatibilities chief of which was Sandboxie which still could not function properly even with the 4.1.150349.920 update.

I just recently bought an HP HPE-270f desktop this week loaded with Win 7 Home Premium and after my experiences with V4.1 in Win Vista x32 I decided to install v3.14 on my new computer. The next day I simply could not resist trying the v4.1.150349.920 x64 Comodo Firewall Pro and Defense+ with Sandbox enabled and I was very pleasantly surprised when absolutely none of the problems that I had previously with v4.1 x32 on my Win Vista computer showing up on Win 7 x64 and not one single problem running Sandboxie with dropped rights.

I couldn’t be happier now running my new computer with the latest iteration of Comodo Security Software using a grand total of only 60 MB of RAM with no drag on performance as it benchmarked an overall 200% faster than my old computer did on the Passmark Performance Tests including a CPU Mark of 6,138 which is 5% faster than they benched its Intel Core i7 930 2.8 GHz quad core processor on their website.


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Just wait… CIS 2011 (ver 5) is coming… :slight_smile: Watch This Space…


Do you have a benckmark figure for your system without CIS 4.1? Would love to see it side-by-side with figure with CIS 4.1.

The first thing I did when I got my new Win 7 computer was to install Revo Uninstaller Pro and yank out Norton with its 1,400+ instances, disable Windows firewall and first install Comodo Firewall Pro v3.14 x64 which did not work well and then Comodo Firewall Pro v4.1 x64 which now works like a dream and as a result this computer has never been without Comodo Firewall Pro since.

I appreciate the concept of comparing benchmarks with and without a firewall and I suppose I could uninstall the Comodo Firewall and benchtest it again, but I must run the computer with some kind of a firewall and so the result would be meaningless in a practical sense.

The main point I wanted to make was that the Comodo Firewall Pro v3.14 x64 did not work well on my Win 7 x64 computer and much to my pleasant surprise v4.1 x64 works like a dream Sandbox and all!


To be used as a baseline.

that’s what i call a NEWs ! great new :slight_smile:

alief- What are the reasons that you are not running v4.1 with your Win 7 x64 computer? BTW… if you plan on staying with v3.14 you can update to v3.14.147648.588 via the Comodo updater under Misc. in the GUI.


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