My Log Clears Every Day

I wonder why my log clears every day.

I have tryed one of the pre. versions - The log cleared avery time i restartet my PC.
That was a bug, as far as i know.

Then i went back to Zonealarm for some months.

Now i use the newest version, but the problem is still there. Okay, it don’t clear every time i
restart/stop my PC - But it clears every day.

Is it still a bug or is it a lokal problem on my PC ?

I use Win XP.

It’s a minor problem - And because it’s souch a very good firewall, i will never go back to
Zonealarm - Log or no log :slight_smile:


My logs never last for more than a day or two. It’s always been like that for me whatever CPF version. I thought it was fixed in and it seemed to be for a week or so, then back to normal.


Yeah, this was a reported issue way back here even with v2.4:,5600.0.html


I’m not alone then - Hate to be alone :wink:


File a ticket:

I don’t think anyone has for this issue yet.