My Little Pony Tales story

I’m writing a My Little Pony Tales story called A Pony’s Life and it has my great nephew in it and all of the My Little Ponies in it. It’s not done yet and I’m in it.

Cowboy Rusty, this is very funny. (:CLP)

Please tell us more!


It’s going to be a sad story and Clover has a problem. My Great Nephew’s pony name is Space Pony and here is what he looks like: Panther Of The Elements symbol
Space Pony Name
Mane is Fiery Red
Body is blue Dark Blue near his hooves
planets on his body and legs
Blue Eyes

Hmm, a sad story? :cry:

May I ask, for whom are you writing your story?


It’s for whoever wants to read it and it is going to be a very sad story with a sad ending because a drama is good also when I get it finished and converted to pdf. (B) I had to rewrite it because the original version got corrupted somehow and this new version is going to be better than the original.

hi Former cowboy,
sad story?
sorry, but can’t you make it a little bit more fun,happy ending story?or maybe double the version (like game) sad ending, happy ending version ?

I will try to make it a happy ending.

cool (:CLP) looking forward to it. make a big announcement when it’s done, will ya?

Thanks and I will do that. :slight_smile: I have a real surprise is store for the story that would be really surprising.

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this is very funny.

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The A Pony’s Life Story is done and now I’m working on the Sequel A Pony’s Life: The Adventure Continues.

whre’s the story? ??? i wanna read it :stuck_out_tongue:

Damnn Ganda, your avatar eats like Goku, in dragonball z…

On topic:

Yes, I would love to read your story!

How would you like me to send the story to you? Just curious and it is in Rich Text Format.