'My life is just begining', Leaving for awhile..

“Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!”

In less than 2 weeks I will be at Kapooka/Singleton, Australia. Training there for roughly 150 days in the Australian army as a Rifleman, 4 years full time.

My free time will be limited, especialy during training so I most likely won’t be able to come here and chat with you guys…After training I should get every weekend off unless deployed overseas.

I will miss you all, especialy John and [b]Justin/b. You are both truely amazing people, You have listened to me when I’ve had my troubles and I appreciate it imencely and I will always be there for you when you need a shoulder.
Melih, You are a great role model. One of the strong features I like about you is that; You know what you want and you will get it. You need never have doubt, You are doing great things and many people support you.

When I get the chance I will try to post here and share some pictures and Find out how everyone is going.
(I will be active on the forums up untill Feb01)

Don’t be sad… :smiley:
The army will need good firewall software too, maby you can hook them up! :slight_smile:

Ahh well enjoy your time there…
You will probably come back with a nice tan! :BNC :BNC

Good luck in training, we will miss you :cry:

Stop by and say hello when you may have a chance :slight_smile:

Man, you will become a “real” man! that is a good thing. Well, the other thing is that you are leaving the forum for a while…

I have read your story in the thread: " My name is…" and you have been through many sad things… but you have overcome a lot of stuff and you have become stronger and you will become stronger… Especially when you join the army… (mentally and physically)… I know your father had trouble signing the papers, that were needed to let you join the army, still I believe he did the right thing: He let you free to make and decide on your own!

Like life has many beautiful things, one of those things: Making choices! :wink:

anyway, I shall miss your presence and you will be remembered; like I say to myself:

" You will not be forgotten by me, as long the eye still can see" :wink:

Have fun in the army!

All the best to you Kyle. Your a great person and deserve some finer things in life than you got :-TU

I’m not really good at giving speeches ;D

Just keep us informed from time to time on how are you doing :wink:

Cheers to you :■■■■

Kyle 110 %

I’m sorry to see you go… :cry: When will you be back? (One good thing about this: when/if you get back, you can help us fight against ganda ;D)

When/if you come back here, maybe you can try and get to be a mod. I know you would be a good one! :BNC

BTW, sorry for the “When/if”'s… :stuck_out_tongue:

Commodus, now you have a dragon too? 88)

Sad to see you going Kyle, we’ll see each other (well talk to at least 88)) later :slight_smile:


All the best to you Kyle


May you always have the best experiences in life.
From within, you will be missed.
From your friends here and abroad.
You will always be in our hearts.

Forever your friend.

Take care Kyle, keep the faith and come back in fighting form. We’ll miss your wittiness especially in Gandas’ OT
Cheers dude :■■■■ :-TU :-TU
Xman (:KWL)

I wish you all the best Kyle. :slight_smile:

Never give up chasing dreams. See you back here, once in a while, I hope.


We wish you all the best Kyle!
we will miss you.


Go for it Kyle. Best of luck. :slight_smile:

a big salute to you for serving your country :-TU

Good luck mate. Just take it easy, keep your head down for the first couple of weeks and learn to fear your NCO’s. :wink:

Have fun, learn lots, play safe and take pride in your uniform and yourself.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yea, whenever they’re yelling into your face and calling you a worthless scumbag, just think of ganda and it will all go away. (:LGH)

Good luck
(and the NCO’s do it for your own good. ;))

Goodluck in the Army Kyle.

My mate Shane is also going there same time you are, He left Year 10 and is a real gun of a bloke! He will be a Rifleman too… Bet if you meet him one day you will like him. His heaps good… I always train with him.


Thank you everyone for the comments, they are a great thing to wake up to in the morning! (:HUG)

@Ewen, I’ll do my best to stay “grey” :wink: Thank you.
@Josh, Maybe you Could PM me Shanes last name? :slight_smile:
@Jeremy, Hmm… Maybe after 1 month I should get 1 day off. I will take the time to fly my mother and girlfriend up to me, Stop by at an internet cafe’ and make sure to post here :slight_smile:

your gf will miss you 88)
i can keep her company…if you want 88)

oh, we in indonesia have a joke about riflemen.

there was a shooting contest between counties
contestant #1 from america uses a watermelon as a target on 500 m distance. he aim for the watermelon & hit right through it, and then he proudly said…i’m a sharpshooter 8)

and then comes contestant #2 from australia, he uses an orange as a target on 1km distance, he aims & bulls eye! and then he said, i’m a bloody sniper 8)

and then the latest contestant from indonesia, he use a “grape” as the taget on 5km distance!, he aims and take a shot… he miss the target & his bullet kill a person, and then he said i’m sorry

goodluck kyle.best wishes for you (:HUG)
i was serious about the gf offer 88)

Nope they do it for the Army’s good. :wink:
But hey mine isn’t the perfect job either. :slight_smile: