My interview with Fox News about Cyber Terrorism

Here is the link


Great work Melih, Just telling it like it is.
I think it’s great that you are getting out there

I’ve started doing some serious testing with malware, exploits etc are noticing how terrible today’s security is. The internet today is not secure at all.

EDIT:: Just noticed how much of a Stereo Typical Mafiosi you look like in that video lol.

Nah you looked neat! 8) It seems as if you were very nervous, and yet it didn’t affect you negatively. :-TU

“Cyber-terrorism” … Please, gimme a break with all that internet-paranoia scaremongering .
It may well be that peoples personal computers are not “safe” but try running one of those
exploits against a government server and see how long it takes before they “knock” on your door …

But … is knocking on your door preventive or reactionary measures? :wink: All computers should prevent first. :wink:

Then move to Russia and they won’t be able. :wink:

Why do u think terrorism is only aimed at government buildings or organisations?
The Twin Towers were not government buildings but subject a terorrist attack!

I bet you would be the guy pre 911 complaining that people were scaremongering when they outlined vulnerabilities of airport security :wink:

Ignorance is dangerous when it comes to security not a bliss!

With what I am doing I am fully aware that I am running the danger of being called a scaremonger by certain segment (which represents a minority) , but if this is the price I have to pay to secure the future of computing and internet security, its a price I am more than happy and prepared to pay!


Glad to hear that! :slight_smile: Go Melih, Go! lol ;D


Does this video have a part 2? It seems like your were going to talk some more about the issue “after the break”

i think what they mean is in future they might call me again etc…

make sure to tell us when they do! :slight_smile: