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As my name suggests, I am old–been around a while. I started my computer stuff with BASIC (a cold war vintage teletype machine attached to the local college computer by phone line, cool stuff at the time). I am not a computer “expert,” so rein yourself in if you, indeed, think that you are.
I specialize in cleaning up “dirty” computers. Nothing special, just doing the things that most computer users can’t do. I don’t attack my customers for their lack of knowledge, nor do I attempt to make them feel inferior because of my “great skills.”
I have Comodo firewall running on the computer I am typing this on–so far it works great. I am also running BOCleaner. So far it has found nothing wrong (which is a good thing). I am using Comodo products for the first time to clean out an infested computer–so far, so good.

A couple of thoughts on some of the postings I see here. 1. If you write something, make sure your grammer, and spelling, is correct. If English is your second language, well, then I can excuse it. If English is your primary language, well, bad spelling and grammer makes a bad impression. How can I trust your computer “skills and knowledge” if you can’t even use a spell checker? 2. Don’t overuse acronyms. My primary job is in a technical field outside of computing. Guess what? Acronyms are used only when necessary. Why? If that’s all we used we would not be able to understand one another. Use an acronym only after you have first introduced the subject (in English). 3. For the people who have all these problems with viruses, spyware, etc., where exactly on the internet are you going? If the sites you visit deposit garbage on your computer, well, don’t go there anymore!

Keep up the good work Comodo. Keep after the bad people from your end, and maybe some of us can help the justice system catch up in the computing world.

bad spelling and grammer makes a bad impression

Did you mean grammar by any chance. :wink:


Touche! I hope I got the rest of it right!!

ye u dead rite, use proper English!

xcuse me, English is my 2nd lang

jus jokin’ :slight_smile:

i iz a gud spelur i use inglis very gud rite? k Nah i’m just kidding around (:TNG)

As a matter of fact, we do have a lot of users for whom English is a Second Language (ESL). And a fair number of youngsters who may not yet have reached that point in their public education… ;D

Aside from that, not everyone knows how to type (after all, what computer geek actually types?), and not everyone uses Firefox with its wonderful spell-checker. And even spell-checker won’t catch “were” in place of “we’re” as both are legitimate…

Grayhair, I’m glad that you are enjoying the products thus far. If you have any questions, please let us know (if you don’t find the answer already addressed by someone else). By and large, we’re here to help - Users, Moderators, Admins - and glad to do so.


Don’t forget the visually impaired and for us who use our toes to type 88). BTW (By The Way :P), a spell-checker that can’t catch that as bad grammar (as opposed to spelling) is a sucky one.

well, sorry for my bad english grayhair. it’s my 3rd languange ;D.