My impressions on AV and Firewall

(WCF15) (WCF15)

Ok guys! Thank you for Comodo AV and Firewall. I really appreciate you work!

I want to give you my trust, and i’m using only your antivirus, even if it’s at early stage. Please light the AV as soon as possible, it’s a resource heavyweight!!!

Another thing that i think it’s VERY useful: please, add in the traybar an icon for AV and an icon for Firewall, to be sure that both programs are running well. I think it’s useful that the user can right-click on these icons, and have a menu with the choice “Temporary disable Antivirus” or “Temporary disable Firewall”.

Keep going! (L)



Thank you for placing your trust with Comodo!

We will do everything in power to make sure we can live upto that. That we will promise!

Can you pls put yoru suggestions into the wish list pls.

(btw: we are already working on the resource optimisation)