My ideas for COMODO Internet Security

In addition, I also have an idea for some additions to COMODO Internet Security that will help it stay competitive with the “total security” suites out there. People enjoy COMODO Internet Security because it is a complete security suite that is strong and free, and thus I am just trying to make suggestions so that COMODO can build upon its strong security system because I believe people should have the right to be protected from ALL dangers without having to pay a price. Therefore, here are some ideas COMODO can consider:

o Virtual desktop that you can perform transactions in that will hide your session from cybercriminals similar to avast’s SafeZone and Kaspersky’s Safe Run
o A banking mode (like Kaspersky and other big suites)
o Phishing protection
o More intelligent infection clean-up
o File reputation analysis
o Make the firewall/HIPS more silent (like Norton, ZoneAlarm, etc.)
o Browser exploit protection
o Integrated vulnerability analysis
o Integrated file encryption
o Integration with your online backup
o A meter in the main interface that shows how much CPU power is using and how much COMODO is using.
o Drive-by download and malicious web site protection
o More intelligent rootkit protection
o Rogue antimalware product protection
o More stronger self-protection that stays on even if Defense+ is turned off
o Anything else you can think of to help stay competitive yet keep your security suite free.
o Improved protection against keyloggers and mouse trackers (keyboard/mouse virtualization like Kaspersky)

I hope this helps.

Virtual desktop will be in next version - It’s named Kiosk.

Excellent :-TU

Most of these features are already landing in CIS 6, let’s wait and see…

I am not confident on whether this will be implemented or not. Since, many time the devs claimed that Self Protection is itself dependent of D+.

But, I would love to see such a feature.

Thank you very much everyone. I am very happy that COMODO Internet Security is becoming more and more mature so that it can become one of the effective alternatives to the more expensive suites out there like Kaspersky, avast!, etc. so the user can be protected against ALL dangers without having to pay a premium for it due to everyone’s support.

I have seen leaked screenshots of the Kiosk virtualized browsing mode and it looks great. You did a great job without infringing on the patented technologies of the big guys.

The screenshots weren’t leaked. They were provided by the CEO of Comodo, and the lead developer of CIS.


I’m sorry for saying that the screenshots were leaked.

Also, what I meant to say was that I do not know if any of the other paid-for security suite vendors claimed patent protection on browsing in an isolated desktop so that is why I said what I said.

Also, another idea for COMODO Internet Security to make it on sound footing with the commercial suites while still being a free alternative is integration and improvement of COMODO’s old anti-spam technology. That and the improvements and feature suggestions that I have listed before should help COMODO Internet Security secure people from ALL threats without having to have people pay for more protection.