My homepage changed to Comodo link/Search page to Yahoo

Hi, I’ve used Comodo for quite some time, without problems. Imagine my surprise when I opened Firefox to discover that my homepage was now linked to Comodo & my search engine switched from Google to Yahoo.
I have not changed any settings in Comodo & have recieved no updates.
Searching for similar complaints here I only saw one in 2012 so may I assume that this is not normal behavior for your firewall ?
Things have been a bit hectic here & I have several computers with everything from Zorin Ubuntu to Win XP to Win 8, so please excuse me if I have forgotten which system this took place on (but it was Windows). It’s been a rough week.
I simply switched my homepage & search engine back.
Thanks for the space to communicate.

The installer for CIS now has an option to change you homepage and search engine to the ones you referenced. This is checked by default, but can easily be unchecked during installation.

I assume you, or someone else who uses your computer, may have run the installer lately and inadvertently left those checked.

I’m sorry for the confusion and glad to hear you were able to easily change them back.


This is an unacceptable practice by your company! Myself and most other users would consider unauthorized change of homepage and search engine a form of malware. This change in your software policy immediately prompted me to disable updates on my family members’ and friends’ Comodo Firewall installations. It is unethical business practice to change a person’s personal software settings in an unsuspecting, sneaky way. If you insist this option remain in your software then it should be an opt-in policy rather than an opt-out function. If your company does not cease and desist from such scummy practices then you will lose a dozen or so faithful Comodo Firewall users whose computers I manage.

Hi diedrichg,
A lot of software companies (With many more to follow in the future) are taking this road (Opt-in by default with opt-out option available) , there is nothing unique about Comodo doing this.
As unfortunate as it may seem, it is something we need to get use to if we want to continue using software.

Malware is short for ‘Malicious software’ and Comodo intentions are not malicious in any way, shape or form.
Driving blind will always add an element of the possibly unexpected.

Kind regards.

I believe the installer asked if you wanted it changed, people need to read what their installing closer. Anyway, I would consider changing your DNS far more invasive then changing your homepage and search provider which is much easier reset to default then the DNS.