My global block rule is not working - what's wrong? [RESOLVED]

I’ve got the latest Comodo Pro firewall version in my Windows XP Home SP2 machine.

I’ve tried to understand the application vs. global rules by reading the forum threads here. Either I’m unlogical or my firewall is somehow broken.

My goal is to block ALL POSSIBLE TRAFFIC to a certain Ip range. That means, i don’t want to ANY internet capable program in my computer to connect outbound to that Ip range.

So i have created the following GLOBAL RULE and set it to upmost one.
block - ip - out - source address any - destination address IP range - Ip details Ip protocol Any -

It does not work. My Firefox browser is connecting to that ip range and opens an internet page in that ip range.

So my question is, what am i doing wrong, and how can i correct the problem.

(In Application rules the Firefox is definited as “Web Browser” and it has the web browser rights there.
If that’s related.

I would be grateful for any assistance.

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

Just a thought,jiipee82,have you tried using the “My Blocked Network Zones” function to do this?


Thanks riggers that did the trick… :slight_smile: Should have read the help file better…