My gaming rig's time always changes...

The time in my gaming rig keeps changing.

This is the 3rd time it changed and I had to change it back.

Both in Vista and in the BIOS the time changes.

My friend BMK has suggested to read up on time sync with Vista.

As part of that effort, I am posting here as well about this issue.

It is really annoying as I was trying to register and update AVAST! Then it tells me that my license (given yesterday) was already expired as it is alread Nov. 7, 2029.

I was like, “WHAT! Not again!” What da hell is going on here???

Hmm…you seem to have a lot of problems. :frowning:

(That’s what games do to you! :D)

Maybe you have a partial time machine! :stuck_out_tongue:

And sorry…I can’t help much beyond saying “Format time!”

Replace CMOS battery, when they run weak/dead they are known to mess with the time of the machine. I recommend changing them every 3 years to stay fresh.

I have a new motherboard and I just reformatted…twice.

eh, I just disabled Vista’s auto time synch and installed CIS. Hope it helps.

Do you dual boot ? 88)

Is your home hot and humid?

I suppose it is. We are a tropical country.

I think it’s the electrical discharge bacause of hot and humid.
Change your CMOS battery if that happens frequently.
Problem is the temperature and the humidity.

Before you buy a new battery test currunt battery first.
1.reset your BIOS.
2.clear CMOS(with a jumper):
you have to get rid of power cable before you do this.
3.reset your battery:
you have to get rid of power cable before you get the battery out and on.

After the above, you have to reconfigure the BIOS settings.