My full scan is freezing

Windows 7 32bit.
Windows defender disabled
Comodo internet suite (firewall and antivirus)All up to date.
On system satus it is saying do a full scan.
When I do this it scans for about ten minuites then freezes.
Not just the scan but the whole PC.
I have tried a number of things.
Reinstalled,custom scans,I can’t think of anything else to try.
It doesn’t stop on any paticular file,the strange thing is the timer keeps running.
I have left it on for up to four hours and nothing moves but the timer.
Been runing the latest version(4.0.1) for a while with no bother at all.
When I first installed the full scan went fine.

Any ideas?

Does it stall at particular files?

I can’t work it out at all.
I’ve tried any number of things.
I will add the PC is running fine with no problems.

It seems to have corrected it’s self.I left it a few hours while I went out and it completed a full scan.
Maybe something to do with the latest updates.
Or a bit more patience.???

Im Still Having this Issue