My friend refuses to use ANY Internet Security Program

I have a friend, let’s call him “Dan” and he is absolutely resolute in not using any protection on his Windows 7 PC other then ad block plugins and noscript for his browser. He is running a new PC build with Win 7 without any antivirus program or his firewall (default) turned on. I doubt he even has UAC activated, but I am not sure.

I have been a Comodo user for quite awhile now and while I have had some issues with Defense+ getting in my way, overall the experience has been top notch and I wouldn’t think of using any other Firewall program. I recently starting using Comodo Antivirus as well and I am happy with it at this point although I am aware of the alternatives out there and have seen posts regarding using Avira and such as an alternative to Comodo Antivirus.

But I digress, my friend just will not accept that he is at risk, basically refuting anything I point out to him saying he has never had a virus and asserting he never will. He watches internet streams regularly of various origin, surfs the web considerably and plays a ton of video games. I have no clue if he watches porn all day or jumps around to “risky” sites. In general I wouldn’t flag his habits as being risky since I am not really privvy to them all. He occasionally downloads torrents of games but again, that is not his norm as he is capped by his provider so he religiously watches his bandwidth usage. But downloads do occur.

So if anyone can present a thought out argument as to why he should be using something (preferably Comodo :wink: ) to protect himself I would be grateful. Will he listen? Who knows, his head is made from a substance considerably harder then a rock but I will keep trying. :-[

his head is made from a substance considerably harder then a rock

In that case I would give up.
I have friends who say “I don’t update Windows because it takes to much hard disk space” or “I turn the firewall off so as to speed up downloads” and other things of the same caliber.
After banging my head on their ignorance walls I only managed a headache.

Interesting case. Does that guy have any virus related problems?

I know such a guy. I warned him to use an antivirus. He refused and his comp was alive for about a year (he had a modem connection). But then suddenly his comp stops working and he can’t fix it. He had to get a geek man for a good sum of money to fix the comp. Then the geek pal (he is our common friend) told me weird things the viruses (there were tons of them) did with the comp it was really a circus what had happened there. Now that guy has a very good cable internet and has been using cracked Nod32 for about a couple of years. It seems no problems so far.

Time will only tell; If a rock wants to be a rock; then there isn’t nothing we can change

Time teaches the best lessons my friend :slight_smile:

When this guy has to rebuild his 'puter from the ground up - and it takes a week or more - never mind the $
I’m thinking he’ll alter his attitude.

I remember touching a hot stove once…

None that I know of. If he did I am sure I wouldn’t be posting about his thickheadedness.

To a large extent his susceptibility to picking up some malware will depend upon his on-line habits. You mentioned he uses Noscript, so that’s going to stop a lot of potential exploits. If he doesn’t download lot’s of things known for spreading malware, it too will help and if doesn’t click on everything to be seen on any given web page, another vector is potentially closed. Does he use ‘Social’ networking sites?

No he disdains social networking sites, as far as I can tell I am his only friend :wink: I do have to admit his habits are for the most part well controlled. I also didn’t realize but he does use Malwarebytes on occasion so my previous comparison of his head to a rock would be better served by comparing his head to a overripe melon, on the verge of rotting but maybe not quite there yet.

That being said, he does download games on occasion, torrented or privately hosted cracked games. Which in my experience are ripe with potential issues. That would be the only “hole” I would point to with certainty.