My friend is running NO security whatsoever

My friend who is a gamer (he plays a lot of computer games). Is running his awesome windows XP 32 bit box without any additional security than what M$ is offering in default installation, he has done some tweaking but nothing special, he even got the windows firewall inactive. For browser he is using Opera. And everything is running fine, as far as I can tell his computer is clean. Ofc this is very awesome for him.

And now I’m thinking of pizza, cus that’s what I will be eating in a moment… 8)

Back on topic: I was thinking… That’s awesome… And that was pretty much everything I was thinking…

He has been running it like this for about 2 years now and when I ask him if he has been infected or anything like that… He answer that he has never gotten any problems with it… Myself I’m: comodo110%… But what’s your thoughts about this, is windows secure enough if you “play it safe” or should stuff like CIS be installed on every box out there? Do you run windows with little to no security softwares installed? :slight_smile:

My PC is two years old.
I always had a FW/HIPS on it; first Comodo and now OA. I always had an AV and KeyScrambler and WOT on FF.
But… from the several (many) alerts I’ve had not a single one was malicious related.
So, to conclude: if I only had had WOT (I always check the ratings before opening a site) I would have been not infected as I am now.

I once went to a “safe” site that had been hacked… CIS detected a pdf exploit.
What had happened without CIS? I used Opera on XP.

He’s probably safe if he is careful, but as JoWa pointed out even safe sites can sometimes be hacked. He can’t be certain. I just hope he doesn’t do any online banking.

I doubt anyone’s gonna believe this but here goes…

from 1999 to 2007 I ran without any security software, after getting disillusioned with Nor7on. I used win98 and then xp - both un-patched because they were… I did torrents, warez, keygens, games… all of it. Like a king or stupid fool I even used the same for net-banking. w00t

I never got anything. How can I be so sure? Actually I can’t, coz I never scanned ever. But my PC never slowed and I never had any problems. No lockouts, nothing and yes no password/money stolen. Pretty crazy.

Would I do it again…? I’ve become pretty paranoid nowadays, so I might not. That said, there is a way.

  1. Un-install all security software…everything.
  2. install K9 web-filter.
  3. crank it up to block all the ■■■■. grin
  4. good to go!

Even without keygens, warez, porn or whatever you like, it is almost impossible to stay clean more the 10mn on a dsl/cable permanent connexion.

Let’s say that, because you did not have any firewall, you had the luck to catch malwares not slowing significantly the computer or showing themselves.

But, unless you had a router with its own firewall, your computer was then most certainly a zombie.

I have always used an AV, but I cannot remember the last time i have actually had to block or delete any malware on my system.

I still wouldn’t go without protection though. I have never crashed my car but I still use a seat belt and air bags.

Also like people have mentioned even safe sites can be hijacked. and a friend of mine once got a viruses on his USB stick by using it on a computer at uni. You never know.


While I will acknowledge that it is possible to stay clean without any protection I have to give this example from last night of what can happen. I have a fantasy baseball team in Yahoo and I check on it and all the related pages for it a couple of times a day. Last night while reading something on one of the fantasy blog pages I got a popup from Avast! AV saying that the Web Shield had blocked a trojan called JS:Prontexi-BY. This is a trojan that gets embedded in an ad on a page and all of the ad providers have been getting hit with it for a few months now. It requires no action by a user to infect the machine. All that has to happen is for you to run your mouse over the ad. You don’t even have to click on it. If I had no protection, I would have been infected.

I have used the web extensively since 1999 and have never been infected but I have had about 15-20 potential infections prevented by the AV in use at the time. I started with McAfee, then moved to Norton for 8 years, then Comodo for a year and now Avast! The point is that infections can be very rare but there is always the possibility of it happening.

This was back in the day. I had dial-up.

The first and only time I’ve been infected was Blaster.Worm. That was 2003. So I would correct that, I ran without anything from 1998-2003 july. That was when I changed my ways; bought a new PC will genuine windows… I ran with sunbelt’s kero 4.5 for 2 years. No infections. Found Comodo 2.4 through matousec. grins never looked back.

i always ran without security but since my last 2 computers fell horrible to viruses from porn sites that my very young self thought was after a few years without a computer i promised i would not let viruses take me down again so i used norton trials then kaspersky trials then avast then i found COMODO

Exactly…I went to the Tom’s Hardware website looking for a program and got hit with a driveby download of a Trojan Downloader immediately upon entereing the site. Fortunately I was running my Opera browser in Sandboxie and I immediately closed the browser and overwrote the Sandbox with the Eraser 7 pass Schneier Algorithm.

As far as going online without computer security goes, my sister did this for over a year after her McAfee subscription ran out and the result was that it took her Win XP laptop 1/2 an hour just to access her email in the morning. After I cleaned out the 100+ pieces of Malware that were infecting it the computer it had a download benchmark even higher than her service provider’s maximum rating when using the Opera browser!


It’s not fair I need some luck! >:(
My sister is always downloading things on her computer (shes got NIS 2010) but yet she still gets infected, today I had to clean off 23 different instances of trojan.tracur.
It’s so annoying trying to download MBAM with all those redirects 88)
She never pays me for it either, she thinks she’s entitled to friends and family discount :-TD

Just put CIS on her computer and lock it down with Parental Control. :stuck_out_tongue:

Put the MBAM installation file on a disk or flash drive. Then you won’t have to download it.

It is now, the learning curve gets gradually steeper ;D

Your friend should run CIS(doesn’t require much cpu or memory)! Gamers are those people that have higher risk to get hacked especially if they don’t have any protection. The net is not so safe anymore.