My Forum Suggestions (updated) (please read)

Hello. My suggestions for this forum:

  1. Reputation system
    If you want you can give somebody +1 rep. But no -1 rep, because anybody will can to give -rep and lower your rep because he don’t agree a thing or he’s anti-you. If you respect me, give me rep. If not, go and read posts or post anything. And anybody should see on his profile who gave him rep. The user with the most rep on first day of a month should be awarded with a free forever and with free upgrades license, VIP status forever and his name to be colored in his favourite color and under his username to be written Best member of the month, also to appear in forum homepage. 2nd and 3rd members should get a one-buy only valid discount. Anybody need to vote minimum one time per month a member as his best member considered on his opinion. If not, then nobody will vote nobody. They will just wait for votes from other members.
  2. A new theme
    Like avast forums or something that looks good.
  3. Refferal system
    Users should get see in his profile a list of people who joined forums with his refferal page. And a list of people who buyed a product with referral page. Then people should get online virtual money which can be spend on Comodo products. VIP for the user with the most invited members with his refferal at every month first date.
  4. Contest
    First 1 who comment on a contest post should get a free license + VIP and other 9 first discount. In this way people will be active more time on the forum and when they will see that a short ‘‘flash’’ thread started they will post there and will be awarded.
  5. Posts active members
    Member with the most posts in first day of the month should be awarded with VIP status.
  6. Beta Tester
    People should can officially join beta test special forums (like Malware Research group) and have Beta status (like Comodo Hero/Moderator status). Here he should find all new releases. Most bugs finds = VIP.
  7. New users
    New members should have a Welcome! forum where they can post info about them, hobbys, favourite places to visit, personal stories and others.
  8. Chat
    Chat in forum first page.
  9. New ranks
    Moderators should be called Junior Moderators, and j.mods with one year experience should be Moderator. Everybody can vote which is his favourite mod. That will make moderators be very friendly and active. Every mod should vote other mod in first day of a month that he considers it is the best. Also, admin should do a final pick one of ‘‘finalists’’ and make him a Super Moderator of last month. Super mods should can purchase cis with a discount in the month it is super mod. Retired moderators should be Golden Members.
  10. Special forums
    There should be special categories (like Malware Research Group) - VIP chat, Golden Member chat, Jr. Mod, and Mod chat.
  11. Facebook
    If at Facebook will be posted, at random hours, Flash! message, first 10 members who liked at facebook, have account at forum and comment with message ‘‘1’’ / ‘‘2’’ (his comment number - 1 of he was the first) should get VIP account at forums.
  12. Facebook + Twitter
    There should be a button to visit our FB and Twitter page too at our posts (not only website, PM, AIM and e-mail).
  13. Share
    Button for sharing your post/topic on Facebook / Twitter.
  14. Simplified view + print
    Like at other forums, you should see the forum in simplified view (small replies, without colors, buttons) (title of topic underlined and → only name and his post). If you want to show you how I want it to look, PM me for a forum example. And you should can print a topic if you want.

Members that have been awarded with VIP five times will get Golden Member status. They should can see offline but online invisible users (that should be also implemented). They should have yellow color in forums and chat. They can moderate chat (delete posts, warn them for what they speak).

Other suggestions (non-forum related):

  1. Mobile version
    There should be Symbian, Android and Windows Phone Comodo versions.
  2. Other OS versions
    There should be Linux (Ubuntu and others) and Mac versions.
  3. Parental Control
    Comodo Internet Security should have Parental Control option.
  4. Secure browsing
    There should be included in CIS toolbar/icon on every website listed on search engines green or red if the website contains malware or it’s verified and it’s trusted. Like McAfee or Norton Secure Web I think. And people should be able to report from the toolbar any website if he find malware in it. Like Emsisoft Mamutu.
  5. Community opinion
    On every detected file on scanning should be written also what other users pick option. Every decision made by every user should be auto sending to Comodo server.
  6. Download count
    CIS should show how much MB you downloaded (used) in this PC session. That is important for users without unlimited data plan.
  7. Comodo toolbar
    With weather, CIS forum one-click acess, last forum post+ last Comodo news.
  8. Bootable CD NEW!
    Bootable disc with Comodo anti-virus scan.

A reputation system is always going to be abused.

A referral system only ensures that forum users are going to be spamming other forums with referral posts.

Any sort of reward based on number of posts is only going to encourage spam.

This general discussion forum serves as the place to post about hobbies, favorite places, stories, etc…

But only +1 will can be gived. No -1. Then no contest. So users will don’t get anything if they vote anybody. Rep is good because anybody to know how much people trust a member.
No spam. It will be warned for post hunting. But no, because here we should can post favourite places,… So no warn. Just people to have fun posting.
If they post on other forums, they will be banned there. So that is not our problem. Or maybe we should warn for spamming if you want. So people will contact about this other people only with talking, or with YM, mail, friends. Who will report other member will get discount or anything, so anybody will see if anybody posts on other forums.
Very good idea I think is Flash!, Chat and Beta Tester.
P.S. Can you make it sticky? If anybody wants to tell me a new idea he can PM. I will update the first post. In that way we will decrease number of different threads for every idea and in different forum (like off-topic, Melih forum, Malware research forum) and make reading and posting easier.


Other opinions?
What about Flash! contests? Or other suggestions?

IMHO no need to stir posting activity - it will end in senseless spamming. Here people come for help and info. Uninformative posts will spoil the forum.

1.this is a work in progress. they are working on security for android.

2.mac version is in beta and can be downloaded here and i believe a linux version is in the making but idk what distro

3.this is coming in comodo secure dns. it will have a content filter dns will have site inspector integrated into it. this isnt exactly what your asking for but will protect the user when browsing the internet

5.melih has stated that they are going to develop some reputation based system for files.

hopefully this doesnt take to long to develop

  1. +1 totally agree. cis should have some bandwidth monitor, stats about internet usage, and be able to set bandwidth limits to what process

Thank you for your reply.
More comments? Also for forum suggestions please!

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@ Dacia - My suggestion is that part of Yours ideas are completely unnecessary. Greetings.