My First Post!

I installed Comodo AntiVirus today & in common with several others, got error messages (STEB 017/STOAC 017). Discovered after reading here that this is a compatibility problem with SpyWareGuard. Have uninstalled SWG & the problem is resolved. However, if I reinstall SWG, will the real-time protection from CAV be denied again?
Guitarelf. (S)

Hi and welcome,

There was a post (somewhere) where someone had reinstalled to test and the problems did reappear.


If you can’t run Comodo and SG at the same time, possibly try Spbot Search and Destroy with the Tea Timer. The Tea Timer function performs the same function as Spyware Guard.

Couldn’t tell you if Comodo and Tea Timer clash though.

I used to use Spybot with CAVS, and they don’t clash. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies. I’m familiar with Spybot, but not the ‘Teatimer’ function, but I’ll give it a look.
Nigel (Guitarelf) (S)

To my knowledge, teatimer and CAVS work flawlessly together. I’ve been using them simultaneously for a few months now with no problems.

That’s very encouraging psych1610, many thanks! (:CLP)
Nigel (Guitarelf)