my first forum

this sites ROCks!!!

i read one of the topics and it helped me a lot!!!


Welcome in comodo family (:HUG)

If you have any question feel free to ask. Someone from the comodo staff, the volunteers mods or the members will try to help. (:WIN)

Welcome to the Comodo forum. Has to be one of the best computer forums around (:CLP)

ONE OF???!!!???

May your feathers turn foul and your eggs be left cold! :smiley:

welcome edriecedric (:HUG)

this is the only forum where you can find sliding smiley like this

;D ;D ;D


I take it back!!! This is the best Computer forum on the net!!! Now Dont do anything to me feathers :frowning: yar

Aye, or it’s the imitation-goose Ninja Beak of Death (NBOD) for ya, matie! Arr!


PS: Welcome to the insanity, edriecedric! Hope you fit right in! ;D