My first ever post to the forum using Comodo Dragon!!! :)

Yep this is it!


It works like a charm ;D

I am using Dragon for this post as well.


go to this site using Dragon and you will see the warning for untrusted Certificate!!!

World’s first!



Big Red Page ;D


Works, and it’s amazingly fast… Using firefox with addons eats up around 112MB’s of ram, this baby’s only, I don’t know…
I guess it’s visible enough…
CPU: P4 3.0GHz with HT
Motherboard: some ■■■■
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit fully updated
SS: Comodo Internet Security [latest version numbers goes here]

No conflicts or problems.
One question:
I keep my users and passes in Sxipper addon in Mozilla, any intel on how to export them and import them into Dragon?

Hit the wrench, import bookmarks & settings…, then choose Firefox, check what you want to import and it should do it for you.

I already did that when I installed Dragon, and I imported, but newer ones are in that addon Sxipper. I can export it as plain text, can I add it to dragon somehow with that?

This is it for me too! :smiley:

Pretty impressive. Great work

but we only just started playing now :wink:

Wait till the next versions go live with more features/capabilites…that I think will be game changing!


I love the dragon!:))

Hi Melih, can we know what are these features/capabilities and when are they coming ? ;D

yes it is working fine

Well, i test it, no alert with dragon???

because they now redirect it to an http page…