My File Groups

I think it would be nice, to have on D+ Common Task screen an option “My File Groups”.
Yes, I often define a groups of applications, so I very disappointed by need to go to My Protected Files (or My Blocked Files) and click botton “Groups” there. I prefer to have a direct access to File Groups at D+ Common Tasks Screen.

Also, because Firewall use that File Groups too, I don’t even know where it realy should be placed. It’s not easy to find out how to define a File Group for Firewall Policy, because you should look for it in D+ =)

I can easily add a new file group in D+ rule list ,then I can move some existing application’rules to file group. (What I mean is that the replacement of the existing rules)

Before adding any File Group in D+ rules list you must define that group. And it is very annoyng to to define a new File Group via several clicking on bottons. Also you can define File Group only via D+, but I want to use them in Firewall too. Yes, I able to do that. But I have to go to D+, then do several clicks, after that define a new File Group. Apply all. Than go to Firewall Rules… Very Long way… My File Groups botton on screen of D+ or Firewall will do this way shorter enough