My File Groups placement [SUGGESTION]

I think it would be a good idea to change the placement of My File Groups option. Currently, you have to open Defense+ - Common Tasks - My Protected/Quarantined Files and click “Groups…” there. The thing is: file groups are not necessarily related to Protected Files (the files Comodo monitors access to), and they are not related exclusively to Defense+, too.

A common use of this option is to group applications to which the same set of rules applies. This can be used both in Computer Security Policy (part of Defense+) and in Network Security Policy (part of Firewall). For example, to declutter my Application Rules list in Network Security Policy, I created a file group called “Network Access Denied”, where I placed all the applications I previously blocked. I then added the whole group to the list, defined it as blocked, and removed the single blocked application’s rules from the list. It does the same thing, but my Application Rules list looks neater now.

What I was doing in this example was not related neither to Protected Files, nor to Defense+ in general. It was about Firewall and network rules. Still, I had to go to Defense+ - Common Tasks - My Protected Files to access the file groups window. I think it would be more logical to place a link to My File Groups in both Defense+ and Firewall Common Tasks.