My feedback

Hello, I know Comodo from a long time, and I am happy to see how it progressed, it is much better now!
Currently I’m using Sygate, and will still test ZoneAlarm and Jetico. There are some special stuff on Sygate that I like a lot and need on a firewall so that I can change.

Comodo does a great job on joining an efficient application ( with a nice User Interface!
It is simple, concise and powerfull at the same time.

The Component Monitor is very complete, gratz on that.

Unfortunately, the Network Monitor didn’t work on my tests. On a test, I allowed any traffic on UDP port 53 (DNS) and blocked any traffic on TCP port 80 (Web), and still it kept asking me if I allowed IE to access DNS Server and allowing it to access Web :confused:

I wanted to allow all applications to access DNS Server and be notified on every application accessing every port so that I could allow/deny each one, but I wasn’t able to. Probably it is a deficiency of mine to interact with Comodo’s UI.

Another thing on the notifications that can be gotten better is that it shows the remote IP. IPs are useless to the end user, he only knows the DNS Name. So it would be better to show there the DNS Name instead of the IP, maybe both :slight_smile:

I loved the Activity list, it is too much usefull when we think something may be wrong and wanna see what could be. The traffic column and Close action are perfect! :smiley:
I also suggest showing DNS Name on the Destination column, and also showing the local port used.

And of course, this forum is excellent!

I really liked Comodo and I’m sad about the Network Monitor and notification issues. I’ll keep trying and if I see it is my fault I’ll come here and apologize :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing, more advanced, that I’d like to have is Sygate’s application details during notification.
With it I can see at once the program path, version, process ID, who started the connection, local and remote IP and port (also lacking DNS Name :P) and even flags that I don’t know the meaning!
Please take a look on it and try to do the same, I love this feature!

Tnx for ur hard work and dedication on your Firewall, I hope you luck and progression :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback Hikari. We really appreciate it.
why don’t you put in the wishlist what you want to see in the Comodo Firewall!? this way our developers can take this into consideration when developing the next version.