My faxee received empty pages

The person I sent the fax to only received blank pages. Is that a problem on their end or on mine? The files were attached. I even copied myself in an email to make sure. I got them. tHey didn’t. any suggestions why?

This problem was on your end when you created the file.
You copied a picture of a quicktime file that required a TIF LZW decompressor to view the file correctly into a supported file format. Since you had a program to view this special type of image that you copied you were able to see the document with the special image embedded into the document.
When you saved the file and uploaded the file to trustfax - trustfax did not have a program to decompress the special tiff image so the page was blank where the image was copied.

How do I fix this problem?

You will need to save the file in a different manner that just clicking on the “save as” fundtion.
An idea would be to open the file and save it using a pdf printer driver like the one used in the Trustfax Desktop. A pdf printer driver renders the file as you view it and saves the file as a pdf formated file.
The Trustfax desktop application is an optional program that will allow you to fax a file as you see it on your desktop. Currently the Trustfax desktop is only available for use on Windows XP. Here is a link to install the trustfax desktop -
After it is installed, you can find it as a printer called Trustfax desktop. If you have the program open to view your document, click on File, Print and select the trustfax desktop printer and follow the steps. The trustffax desktop will also allow you to fax the document directly from your desktop.
If you are not using Windows XP, you may want to look into a pdf printer by Adobe or PDF995. Neither of these companies are affiliated in anyway with trustfax nor do we endorse them - Trustfax has received claims from some customers that have said to have found those printer drivers useful.