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Just installed CAV on my PC. XP SP2.

Now it is regularly hanging after logging into windows. After loading personal settings.

Haven’t unloaded it it - yet, just seeing if it gets better.!


Hey Graham,

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Please make sure that you don’t have another anti virus program’s realtime scanner running at the same time as Comodo Anti Virus. Having two real time monitoring scanners on the one system at the one time is not a good idea as they tend to trip over each other.

Comodo Anti Virus (CAV) can be a bit of a pig to turn its real time monitoring off completely, so I’d recommend that if you do have another AV scanner, turn it’s realtime component off, just while you’re testing CAV.

Also, please remember that CAV is still a BETA. It isn’t ready for prime time - yet. Until it’s detection and prevention rates improve, I’d recommend running a second AV product, just to be safe.

Again, welcome to the forums.

Ewen :slight_smile:
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Hi again,

I’ve no other AV products installed - took them off beforehand - AVG.
I thought I’d try the CAV as the firewall is very good, and it’s from the same company :wink:

I’ll probably just persevere for the moment, and see if any new updates/patches help in the future, as it seems very good when it works. (Not that I’ve had a virus in a few years though !!)

Thanks for the response Panic.


I fought with Norton’s renewal process for days before I decided to chuck it and install CAV.

(B) I was not terribly suprised when CAV found a trojan that apparently Norton had missed.

But I came here to tell someone about my first full scan. The top of the screen says no viruses were found. The bottom of the screen shows a trojan in quarantine. ??? Something is not right, and I thought you might liek to know. I have saved a screen shot if it would shed any light on the problem.

hhmmm… something we should address!
computerguy can u pls put the screenshot here so we can take a look.
also can u submit the trojan to us pls.


Hello Melih!

I believe its the same problem that I told you sometime ago (just a simple display problem).
It just says that no virus were found, no matter it found or not.

Thanks for your time,


oh ok thanks Elminster (Bruno :slight_smile: )


Ah, here is the screen shot. I wil look up your procedure for submitting the trojan, although if you detected it, I’m not sure why you don’t have it already.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Our heuristic could be detecting it and calling it suspicious, it could be a slight variation and even though we might catch it, it would still be useful to see the variation etc. if its the same as what we have, then we simply ignore it.