My experience with uninstalling and re-installing CIS Pro

What I’ve noticed when using the online installer is that there was a problem about a “corrupt package error” and the re-installation failed. I uninstalled Comodo (or whatever had been installed up to the time of the error) and for this I used the official uninstaller. I did reboot as directed by the uninstaller and I also ran the uninstaller a second time. No remnants were reported, I closed the uninstaller program and I decided to repeat the installation process. To my surprise while CIS was being installed the uninstaller program came to the forefront out of nowhere! The first time this happened I was confused by this and I continued the uninstallation. Needless to say that made the CIS installation go wrong and I had to re-run the installer after booting the computer, then go through the uninstall and this time I ignored the uninstaller popping up in the middle of the installation. Thankfully the re-installation worked in the end.

Based on my experience, maybe I should have rebooted the computer a second time even though the uninstaller reported no CIS remnants.

EDIT: I found out that Internet Security Essentials was not installed. I gave up and restored a disk image backup.

Usually the Offline Installer of CIS is overall more stable and less likely to give problems.

When using the Uninstaller Tool or uninstalling CIS in general, remember to always reboot 2 times. I’ve always been doing this and never jumped into any installation issues so far.

Thank you for your comments.

I was trying to find an offline installer for CIS Pro, but the only one that I could find was for CIS Premium. The Premium version doesn’t have all the modules of Pro. Do you know where I may ask for this installer?

I think if you Install CIS Premium, then on Main Interface > click the ‘?’ Symbol > About > Insert License Key > Then insert your key to CIS Pro, then CIS Premium will automatically become CIS Pro with all additional features available.

Can someone else confirm? I never did this before so I am not entirely sure.

Oh, this will be perfect if it works. Unfortunately having spent many hours trying to get things to work I don’t have any strength left to try it!

Yesterday I had two BSOD (IRQL GT ZERO AT SYSTEM SERVICE) which I’ve never had before. I didn’t find anything to connect them to Comodo, and I’m dreading having a recurrence of these BSODs. However, if it happens, and if I don’t find an obvious cause, then reinstalling Comodo may be a possibility. In that case I may try an offline installation of CIS.

Yes - that’s how it works for the Pro version

Thank you for the information. I see that CISE is a separate program in Windows Apps. I suppose that I would have to install it separately somehow.

There is this link for Offline ISE installer: