My experience with .... UAC??!!

As a completely new user to vista, i wanted to hear other end user’s thoughts on uac. Whats the deal with this? Its not like its a useful feature - if i double click “my computer” it just means i have to click something else again. When i heard of it before switching, i thought you’d need to allow your desired opertion only once, kind of like a firewall - which probably would have made it a lot more useful tbh.

IMAO… UAC is more of a HIPS than anything else and a nuisance. I believe you can disable UAC or modify it’s settings somewhere on Vista.


Tweak-UAC is the easiest way. Setting UAC to quiet mode works well for me:


UAC makes it easier to run Vista from a limited account, but if you want to run from admin account it is better switched off it disables a admin account to much.

I have found several programs that don’t work with quiet mode, but do if you turn UAC off completely. You may be able to use the “run as administrator” in the shortcut instead, but will need to try it out for each application.