My DVD-R/CD-RW Has Vanished [RESOLVED]

(:SAD) Can Someone please help me with this blunder? I have some how via COMODO Ver caused my internal DVD-R/CD-RW Drive to disapear from my system. It is not listed under “My Computer” or even in “My Computer-Properties-Hardeware-Device Manager”. I can’t find the setting in COMODO to turn it back on :-[ SOMEONE PLEASE HELP WITH THIS MAJOR BLUNDER. Thanks.

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Hi Nosnibor, welcome to the forums.

Wow… I didn’t even know CFP could do that! Unless… it’s one of those registry COM interface things.

Couple of quick questions… Anything relevant in CFPs Logs? What’s your OS?

Does your BIOS still detect the device?

I’ve had this happen a few times…don’t know why…
Shutdown your computer…open it up & unplug the power to that drive…than start it up…once it’s up & running, shut it down again…plug the power plug back in & restart it again…99% of the time this will work…if it didn’t…
Go into Device Manager…look for you IDE Controllers…these are the ribbon cables that plug into your drives…click the + than right click on each of them & un-install…when finished, reboot…Windows will find all IDE s on startup & install them again.
Good Luck :wink:

If it’s Vista (or even XP going by the fixes), then this might be of use.

I’m new to the world of PC’s. I know more about Astro Phisics (which isn’t much) than a computer. Where are the logs? I’m using XP SP3. BIOS??? What and where is it? My Drive doesn’t show up in Device Manager.

OK, BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. When you first boot (power on) your PC you normally see either a manufacturer’s banner (simple colours) or some words (normally white on black). This is the BIOS, it runs before Windows & prepares your hardware for Windows.

If you see a colour banner on boot, then the words are usually merely hiding behind it (a BIOS settings). These words usually says things like; what graphics card it found, CPU found, memory and (the important bit to you) all the drives (including CD/DVD drives). Unfortunately, this normally happens very, very fast & is very difficult (if not, impossible sometimes) to see what it says (even if it’s not covered by a banner).

So, you may need to enter the BIOS set-up to see if your CD/DVD is detectable to the BIOS. Why? If the BIOS can see your CD/DVD drive then it’s probably a Windows problem. However, if the BIOS cannot see your CD/DVD drive, then it’s a hardware problem & no amount of Windows fiddling will fix that.

You may need help entering the BIOS setup, if so post back. If you decide to do it by yourself, then be very careful not to change anything! I strongly recommend exiting the BIOS setup via the “Discard Changes” option, just to make sure.

I found the fix :BNC Haven’t figured out why it works :THNK just glad it works (:CLP) I haven’t found the cause yet either but i think COMODO is doing it :-\ because it started soon after installing COMODO. All i do to fix the problem is to unpulg my power suply from the LapTop (at the PC not the wall plug) wait a few seconds then like magic it self fixes. Things that make you go…hmmmm???..

PS Can you guess what HP’s solution to the problem was? I’ll give ya a hint…It’s what they “recomend” every time that they should say “we’re not sure how to fix this problem”.

Well, I’m fairly sure that if CFP was responsible… then no amount of unplugging (of anything) would fix it. ;D

OK, I’ll bite… re-install XP? 88)

Anyway, I’m glad your DVD has reappeared. :slight_smile:

It was not Comodo that caused your problem cause it happened to me years ago. I never knew how long my cd drive was missing cause I didnt use it for awhile but I found my answer here and in the Microsoft site.

Yes when ever HP doesn’t know how to fix something they ALWAYS recomend a fresh reinstall (:AGY) What a bunch of A** H****! :-TD

Yes it is a bunch of bs. I never have had to reformat. Any problem can be fixed if you take the time. I spent about a week years ago fixing my pc without reformatting but I fixed it.

As the isue at hand here has been resolved i’m discontinuing my subscription to this thread. Thanks to all.

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