My Defense + is blocking 100 or more an hour

I just installed it yesterday and it has blocked more than 1000 intrusion attempts. I have it set on custom mode. I go to check out what is being blocked and the application being attacked is always windows operating system. The action is always block. The protocols are UDP TCP and ICMP from IP’s and source ports from countries all over the world. The destination is always my ip and a bunch of destination ports. As a newbe I am asking if this is normal? My PC seems to be running great but due to My PC being hacked many times in the past I need to know if I need to be concerned about this. Or did I just brain fart the set up? Any information is greatly appreciated

Hello Flatulent… LOL

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Do you use P2p software? Limewire, Torrents, etc… ?

Thanks for responding. I just reformatted my pc. So at this time I only have firefox 3.5 and my hp printer installed. Because of our history we try to keep the pc as dumbed down as much as possible. If it helps we have a PPPOE connection.